August 29, 2004

it's all a blur

I feel like I should be somewhere. I keep getting this feeling like I should be at one of my jobs. Yesterday, I didn't need to be up until 10, but I kept waking up in a panic wondering which clothes I should be putting on and where I should be heading off to. Paycheck, shmaycheck. I want my sanity back. Well, what little sanity I had back. On Monday, I find out if I get the assistant manager position. If I do, I have some notice to give. If not, I have some hours to cut back.

In my limited non-job world, we are trying to get some condo re-doing done. We are getting G's great-grandmother's dining room set, shich includes a china cabinet. I want to have the living room re-painted before we move that in, as I don't want to have to move it out again to paint later. We have until September 11 to do it, since His mom talked me into having a candle party on the 12th, and they will be moving on the 15th. Eek...that doesn't give us much time. Our office redo is nearly complete. we are finishing the shelving hang today, and I can move everything that needs to come back in the room in. Then I can load out the living room/dining room, and prep for painting. If we can get that done over the weekend, that would be sweet. Lofty goals, eh? I would love it if we had a massive crew to aid us in getting it all done in two days, but alas, no crew...just us. All of it is making me antsy to purchase our furniture we have chosen, but we have to pace ourselves. Must. Be. Patient.

I am hoping I can get back here soon. ish.

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August 23, 2004

What day is it?

October? It's nudie magazine day!!

Seriously, I have lost all sense of space and time. Back, oh, about five months ago or so, I thought getting a new job was a good idea. See I thought that I would get a new full time job, quit the old full time job (and accompanying part time job), and be a happy person, with one, count it, one job. However, the part time job has turned into a part time job, with full time hours. So, I have two jobs at 30-40 hours each, and a part time job with no consistency. This means I have been working roughly 70-80 hours a week the last couple of weeks. It is seriously taking its toll on me. I am wiped out, big time. I did manage to work out today, since I don't know when I will be able to again. WEll, until Friday, which is a ways away...or so it seems.

On the at-least-I'm-trying-to-do-something-about-it-front, I had an interview for the management position I applied for. It seemed pretty casual, which I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but we shall see. The ASM is out of town until monday so I have to wait until he gets back to find out yes or no. So I shall see.

Until then, I will be a worker bee...let us hope my sanity holds up.

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August 08, 2004


I was going to title this "Same Old..." But, apparently I've already thought of that one. Bah.

Anyhoo...still working a crapload of hours. I get to sit here and type this, because my noon tour for today canceled. I am only happy about this, because between my jobs, I will be working oh, about 80 hours this week. I am already a little freaked out by this, but I am trying to focus on the paycheck at the end. Which makes me a little sad, because I always try not to think about the paycheck, and just do my job, and try to enjoy at least one of them. Which I do. Enjoy one of them that is.

Friday I actually had a day off. I got some stuff done...whoohoo. G and I went shopping. We decided to head out to EPC as the Hot Topic there gets all the clearance items from the other Hot Topics. Unfortunately, they didn't have much else, including the two things we went for. I did however score a pair of red fishnets on clearance, so they are now my backup red fishnets, in case of failure of the first.

We also went to *hanging head in shame* Old Navy. A regular at my first job gave us all discount passes, so I wanted to see if they had any basic little tees. They did, I bought. We also went to Mervyn's for some last deals. I found one last bra in my size (these are my faves, and they are Mervyn's exclusives so I need to get what I can now!), a b-day gift for my niece and a couple of belts. Sigh, I miss them already.

And what better way to cap off an evening of consumerism than with dining out. We ate at Don Pablo's. Yummy...but I ate too much. I have to work on that. I always quit too late, and then feel lousy. We watched Hellboy when we got home. Hellboy kicks ass. I am looking forward to number two. And there so needs to be a Hellboy game. That would be sweet. Speaking of which. We went to the midnight release of Doom3. We scored some free stuff, so that was cool, and the people watching was interesting. Most importantly...we have DOOM3!! I still suck, so I will have to use any free time that I have this week that is not devoted to the gym, to mastering Doom3. I will conquer it!!

Well, I must go to the gym since I can't go tomorrow, and I didn't go yesterday. We went to MoA yesterday (and did get what we wanted from Hot Topic) but, as I walked by Lane Bryant, and looked at the clothes that were aproximately the size I was not so long ago I was glad that I worked so hard to get back to what I was before that. Anyway, it was an extra boost of motivation for me. That, and now that we are clubbing more often, I want to be able to wear those last couple of hot outfits in my drawer. Wow, that was a long winded way for me to say...

off to the gym!

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August 02, 2004


So, the other day, I notice on the caller ID that my friend Troll called. No message, just the number. I think it odd, but realize maybe her cell speed dial got pressed or something. but, the next day, there it was again. Right then, I knew she was having a baby. She wouldn't call me and not leave a message unless she was calling to give me news.

We played some phone tag. She just got a hold of me, and she gave me the news. I told her I was waiting for her to tell me. In fact, I debated leaving her a message saying, you're having a baby aren't you? But, I thought that would steal her thunder. So, I waited patiently for confirmation. Sure enough, a little bun is baking.

Yay! It was determined that I would be the "cool, cultural" auntie. This just means I get to sneak her kids off to all the crazy places, and get them all sugared up before dropping them off.

Surprisingly, she didn't take me up on my offer to babysit. Hmmm.

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ow-ooooot tonight

Holy cats! I actually went out. In public. Not to work, but to have actual fun.

Saturday, I went out with Leanna and Geoff. Bil and a friend stopped by. The night didn't get started as early as I would have liked, me having to work until 11 and all, but we arrived at Ground Zero all gothed up and ready to go with plenty of time. G looked good. I was pleased with my ensemble, despite some serious indecision (all of my gothy going-out stuff was dusty! I had no idea where to begin!), and a temporary wardrobe malfunction (zipper slippage, pre-club) I was all right. Leanna looked great (when doesn't she??).

After a few drinks, and some dancing, G lamented not having brought some cigarettes (a hobby, not a necessity). I talked him into buying a pack of Luckys (luckies?) at the bar. I figure if your gonna tar the old lungs up, might as well go all out. I was in for a surprise. Get this. Lucky makes a filtered cigarette. Filtered. WTF?!?!?! We smoked 'em anyway, but really, why smoke Lucky Strikes? It's an oxymoron. Although, I was aptly punished for smoking. I took a nice long drag to finish it off, and promptly burned myself. (for those who don't know me, on the rare ocassions I do light up, I hold my cigs between my forefinger and thumb. I'm told it's all European, but I can't verify that) So, now, I have a lovely blister on the pad of my finger. Yummy.

But to digress, at the club, there are platforms for dancing, some with poles. Leanna and I wondered how the priveleged dancers got up there. She asked one of them, and we were told to come back Thursday and talk to the owner. We just might have to do that. Hell, if we even just get free cover to do that, we would be down. Later in the evening (right before close) I noticed one of the poles was not being we went for it. We rocked. We rocked more than the people who were supposed to be pole-dancing. Then again, we just plain rock.

Oh,and on a side note...there was a guy who kept trying to dance with me. First of all, I like to dance alone. Second of all, there were some "accidental" brushings, in which my hip was acquainted with his crotch. Yeah, whatever weird guy. I just tried to keep distance as much as possible. Then there was heavy breathing down my neck. Ewwww. Why? Seriously...when someone repeatedly moves away from you...back off! Also, why is it I attract the weirdos? Do I have a weirdo loving vibe? I've already chosen my weirdo, and don't need another, thanks.

Of course, being all dressed up, we had to do a little more grooving. So, off to the Ave. Now, when bar close was one, they were open till three. We thought perhaps that would change to four, when bar close changed to two. But no. Anyhow, we still had fun. Gathered some attention along the way. Then of course, no late night outing would be complete without some vittles at the end. So, off to the Uptown. On the way from the ave to the car, some guy was trying to invite himself along (again with the weirdos), so we said we were going home to sleep. Anyhoo, we found ourselves at the Uptown diner for some coffee and yummies. I finally was able to tell Leanna more about how I feel about her situation. I'm hoping I didn't piss her off...but she is getting the jerk-around from her boy. She deserves a lot better than that, and to not feel all lousy about it. The situation sucks, but I hope she realizes how much other stuff she has going for her, and takes advantage of some me time (me meaning her, not me).

Anyway, it was all way too much fun. Brought back lots of memories, and I feel like I'm friends with Leanna now, whereas before I felt more like work buddies. So, I am already thinking about the next outing. Whoohoo!

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