September 27, 2004

It's been how long???

Eek...wasn't it just yesterday that I was saying how I was back, and I would be posting all the time?

Suddenly it's like twenty years later, and I'm finally posting. I keep thinking of all these fantastic things I am going to write about, then I don't have time, and when I get to it, it's absolute drivel. Well, I hope you like drivel, cause here's a steaming pile of it.

I am settling into my new schedule. I do have more free time, but it doesn't feel like it. I think it's because I have enough other stuff that has built up...projects and the like. The in-laws are on their way to Florida. A lot of time was taken to help them get on their way. Now, we still have to get the house cleaned out and ready for closing. (Their house, not ours) To do so, we also have to get our living room remodeled. We are taking G's great-grandmother's dining room set, and figure we should have the living room done so we don't have to move it again. As of right now, there is a big hole in the corner of the room. Fortunately, my parents are visiting, and my dad is going to help get rid of the wall portion of the hole. Friends of ours offered to help cut down subfloor for us to fix the hole in hte floor. Hopefully, the offer hasn't been rescinded since they were a little tipsy. I am excited to have another room done. The office looks pretty good, we will have to take some after pictures once the 'rents are gone. It will be good to have two down.

We also had a garage sale. It was okay. Got rid of some stuff, but not as much as I thought. I think it was because some things didn't get out right away. Oh well, they will go to Goodwill now. Someone will eventually take our stuff home and love it. I have to say, the people watching at a Garage sale is good. It seems a lot of people just come looking for someone to talk to. There was also the call that we got from the paper saying they had a woman on the phone who said that there was no sale at our address. WE assured them that there was a sale (and crossed our fingers that they didn't pull the ad). The second day, this woman came and said that she thought we were open the day before. I said that we had been. She said that she was here, and we weren't. I then asked her what time she was here. She said about ten to ten. Hmmm...seeing as it didn't start until ten, no, I didn't have the door open. She got sort of defensive, because she assumed that I would be setting up and be open early. If I wanted to open it earlier, I would have. She only came by, it seemed, to inform me that she was there and I wasn't. Oh, and to get something out of the free box.

So, all that rambling to say, I'm cleaning up and out, and trying to pare things down. I'm sure I will think of more rambling, so not to worry. Not aht I am. Worried, that is.

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September 12, 2004

I'm Baa-aack

Finally...after G giving Insider Hosting some hell (hmmm...seeing as you charged us and all, yeah, I would actually like my site to show up...) I am up and running again.

I don't have much time, but this is my last week of two full jobs. I got full time at the newest job, and will only be working one day a week at the other.

My rents are coming in to town this week...this means major cleaning on my part over the next two days. Our living room is a disaster, since we got rid of most of the furniture, and there is a large hole in the corner of the room. It was a small hole, but in seeing how to fix it, it became large.

My in-laws are moving to Florida this week. Hopefully all is well with their trip, and where they are moving to will survive.

I am deliriously tired....hence this is a blah entry, and I am having a hard time even typing this. I am going to get some sleep, and I will be back when I am awake and have time to post something of some use.

Have a lovely week :)

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