November 24, 2004

All together now...


Seriously, I have seen this thing pointed out three times now in various places. All I can say is WTF???

The object on its own is frightening enough. However, the fact that enough people went into Brooks Brothers and said they wanted to pony up and buy one from their shop window that they made it a catalog, item truly frightens me. I also have to wonder after reading the description, did they hire copywriters from the J. Peterman catalog?

"Of course,our Tie Tree also makes a memorable statement for the family. " Yeah kids, have some ties. Yup, your kids will be really glad they didn't get that Xbox when they are digging that tie out from the back of their sock drawer.

Your employees would much rather have an overpriced tie, than say...a raise. Especially the female employees.

A freaking tie tree...seriously. WTF???

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November 17, 2004

Just found this...

...and thought it was a good thought. Especially as we all try to keep our chins up these days...

"Politics is not about power. Politics is not about money. Politics is not about winning for the sake of winning. Politics is about the improvement of people's lives. It's about advancing the cause of peace and justice in our country and the world. Politics is about doing well for the people."
Paul Wellstone

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November 15, 2004

I wanna grow up, I wanna be...

...a big rock and roll star.

So, I've been trying all stinking week to write a post about the big concert last Saturday, and it's just not working. So, I shall provide a list of highlights instead and just get it out of my system.

G did not like MM when I met him. I have enlightened him for the most part, hence he bought the tickets for me as an anniversary present. Awwwwww...

The concert rocked. It was really a "best of" show, which is appropriate as his new album is a "best of" album.

The show was at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis. I decided to dress for the venue, and went glam...long black vinyl dress, black vinyl over-the-elbow gloves, hair in a funky updo. I didn't take into consideration that the dress is hard to dance in due to its Morticia Addams-like mermaid styling. Note to self: wear something more dancy next time.

The opening band, Staija (with an umlaut there somewhere) wasn't bad. Decent music, but no stage presence.

During the opening set, I caught sight of major train wreckage. Normally people don't annoy/piss me off without reason, but damn those girls were annoying. I never would have pegged them as 21 or over, but they were drinking like fishes.There were three, and I think only one owned a mirror. One had a corset with a yellow fishnet shirt on. The shirt did nothing to hide her massive nipples (I feel better after washing my eyes out with bleach). One had a dress that was dangerously close to showing off her nether regions. Her drunk friend kept trying to adjust the dress so that it covered at least her ass, which was charming. She also had apparently turned her vinyl pants as cutoffs and taped the cutoff portion from below the knee to her legs with packing tape. I didn't get it. They were so charmingly drunk that they could never remember what seats were theirs (hell, they couldn't figure out which row was theirs). Two of them decided to make out with each other to draw in some men. The clue that it was a train wreck would be the frat boys that were telling them to cut it out. I guess I don't understand paying a crapload of money for concert tickets, then getting so trashed before it even starts that that I can barely walk, much less remember anything.

I also felt old, since at least half of the audience would not have started school when the first album came out...that is those that had been born when the first album came out.

Not only is it a new lineup, but Ginger Fish is injured, so Chris Vrenna filled in on drums. I have seen him live with two bands now, and he is yummy either way. Eventually I shall get around to seeing him with the third, if he gets on the stick and tours.

Speaking of yummy, Mr. Manson was yummy, as usual. He opened with the Willie Wonka homage from Portrait of an American Family. He came out in the dark swinging this lit chandelier.

The set included Lunchbox, Get your Gunn, Sweet Dreams, Beautiful People, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Great Big White World, Dope Show, Rock is Dead, Fight Song, Personal Jesus, Tainted Love, mOBSCENE, Disposable Teens...crap, that's all I can remember.

He also did sort of a best of performance-wise, pulling out items from past tours, like the podium and flags for Hate Anthem, the hand held spotlight for Sweet live chickens however. And no skull-fucking a security guard (although the incident was mentioned).

He still didn't perform my favorite song, User Friendly (which is from my favorite album, Mechanical Animals), but I won't hold it against him.

Overall, it was an excellent concert, but not his best. I have to say he gets huge points for the tours name, Against All Gods.

Oh, and I have finally discovered his fiancee. Damn. I would give my right eye to look like that. And have that wardrobe. And that job. All I can say is that he knows how to pick 'em. I think I can safely say they are the second couple on the list (with Lambert Wilson and Monica Belucci).

There, it's out of my system now.

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November 08, 2004

Stupid spell checking...

So, I cut and pasted my document into word, thinking i should check for typos and crap. I checked to see how it posted, once I cut and pasted the corrected version...and I lost the last paragraph and sentence of the post. I even had a cleverly used quote from the film. And now, gone. I've tried to recreate the paragraph, but I can't. Maybe it's a sign. I guess I liked the way it worked out...but I liked the content of the now missing paragraph. Oh well, I am sure the subject will come up again. I will go make an organic vegetarian sandwich.

No, instead I will have macaroni.

You guys, I am sooooooo bad.

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What's this all about??

For those of you who aren't my husband or co-workers, a recap. I have been pretty much closing every night I work. This means not much time to actually have a nice night on the town, so to speak.

Finally, Friday, I got an opening shift. So, we decided to see about going to a movie with our friends, NQTYD and No Name Slob, as we had so oft talked about, but hadn't made happen. The timing turned out to be perfect. Blogumentary was premiering as a part of Get Real. As readers of Chuck's blog, we had heard a lot about his process, seen clips of potential footage, and all in all been hooked by what he was doing, what he had to say, and needed to see where it was going.

Now, it might seem simple to make plans to go out with friends, but what a lot of people don't know is that we are an indecisive bunch. It took much planning. But, we were able to come to an agreement. We might be an indecisive bunch, but we are agreeable.

We met at the theatre in time to wait in line for a bit. It was good to see such a turnout that a line was required, even 45 minutes before showtime. We even managed to stay on-topic while we waited, chatting about our blogs, blogs we read, blogs we wish we could be more get the picture. We saw Chuck in the flesh. I felt all cool, being at the premier, with the director mere feet away from me. After the tickets were purchased, we had to wait in line some more. It seems the mixer blew at the theatre, and it had to be fixed before the film could be shown. Fortunately, there was more bloggity goodness to be discussed, and a friend of our friends joined us to liven things up (whose company I enjoyed very much, I might add!). Chuck gave us all "blogger" t-shirts, which made it even more worthwhile. (they were even ringer tees...fancy!) G even spoke to the filmmaker while we waited. He's so cool.

After all the fuss, we got to see the film. It was great. It was interesting to see all the points of view...the geek humor...and the many ways blogs are used. I feel like this little blog here is nothing compared to some of the amazing works these bloggers have created. I feel the need to buckle down. But anyway...seriously, it was a great film. Chuck should be very proud. So should his girlfriend, who is even cuter in person, if that's possible.

After the flickage, we made our way to Barbette. We discussed politics and saving the world over good wine and yummy food. It was a good time, with great company. One o'clock rolled around far sooner than I would have expected, and we departed, our spirits high and feeling full of hope of future gatherings, great blogging, rewarding ideas, and a renewed sense of spirit over our influence on the direction of our country. It was a wonderful evening.

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November 03, 2004

this is Halloween (Samhein)

Whooohooo....Halloween. My all time favoritest holiday ever. In my favoritest month ever. And let me tell you, October was a very crazy/stressful/busy month for me. I really needed this last weekend to let the month go. And very appropriate, as it is also New Years Eve (at least to those of us who swing a little to the pagan side)...a great way to send everything off.
My buddy L and I had promised to keep each other apprised of any good parties to celebrate the wonderful holiday (There are always parties. Where were they this year...huh? I had my party the week before for just this reason. And no parties) We wound up at our usual Saturday haunt, (That was unintentional. Promise) Ground Zero. I wore my Showgirl ensemble (Vegas-style, with a fetish bend), which consisted of a rhinestone (Yes, all rhinestone. Like a necklace, not studded) bra, vinyl skivvies, black fishnets, my black boots with the strappies that give them a nice bondage-y feel, black vinyl over-the-elbow gloves, a low slung rhinestone belt (an early b-day gift from my favoritest sister ever) and two black and white feather boas which were turned into whatever those poufy feathery things are that showgirls wear on their butts. I also turned my old plastic tiara into a feathery headdress. Despite my large thighs (yeah, I should have gone to the gym at some point in October. I was busy), I felt pretty sassy. G wore his hottie strappy jacket. He was going to be Edward Scissorhands, but we ran out of time for the scissors, so he was just a hot, hot boy. L was a bondage fairy, but for Saturday she went for comfort over authenticity. She said that she wished she had gone all out, but she was still a hottie, as usual. She had lots of vinyl and fishnet, and some bad ass wings. We got lots of looks, and had a fantabulous time. The club was more packed than we'd ever seen it. Lots of beautiful people, and lots of great costumes. There was a Tyler Durden, complete with chenille bathrobe with coffee cups. Jack was also there, complete with "Cornelius" nametag. There was a damn authentic Klingon warrior. Our favorite dancer was painted entirely silver, and was beautiful as always. We danced like we've never danced before, and had a little to drink...including lots of shots. It was such a blast. We got to do some dancing on the podium, and danced with the most beautiful and sweet boy. I see him every week, so it was nice to talk to him/dance with him. I can't adequately describe how in-fucking-credible it was. I think that I will definitely be there next year.

On Sunday, the actual holiday, I had to work (bah!). My costume wasn't considered work-appropriate, so I wore my Trinity ensemble. We were told that we should go to Market after. After a bit of discussion, we decided that we would. I called G and asked him to grab the pieces from my actual costume. I spent a nice chunk of time and money on it, so I wanted to get the full mileage out of it (even though I had sort of annihilated my fishnets on Saturday). We got to Market, and L
was there, in her full costume, looking fabulous. G wore the same thing he had on Saturday, adding his cool mask and gloves. I think Postle had an accurate description of G's costume. Speaking of, he was Spidey...not that I was surprised. Bro-in-law was a boxer...there was a very adorable Twink and Patty O'Green. A girl I have done a coupld of shows with was Marilyn Monroe. I find this funny, because she was Marilyn Monroe in one of the shows. There was a fabulous Unabomber, the General Lee (very clever) and a Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace (which I would have admired more if I hadn't already been Mia Wallace once). Oh, and Ariel and Wolverine. Wolverine had claws that shot out, but I didn't test to see if they were adamantium. I didn't drink quite so much on Sunday. And most surprisingly, I won a gift certificate in their costume contest. I was amazed mostly because we never go there, so we aren't part of the regular gang. Also, I didn't know there was a costume contest. Needless to say, when I was called up as a finalist, I was very surprised. I came in third, which I didn't think was bad for just showing up. Twink won, which he much deserved. Karaoke was sang, even I took a stab at it, with my old standby, Baby Got Back. It wasn't up to my usual standard, mostly due to some residual anxiety from the week, so I couldn't get quite enough air. Anyhow, it was fun. We managed to get a few more pics, but didn't have much film left. One of these days we will get a digital camera.

After the party, we went over to the old homestead to make sure it was clear. we threw out some last things, like everything in the medicine cabinet, random stuff here and there, and took the last pic on our roll of film. It was weird to see it actually empty. Then we headed home and put the lid on yet another Halloween. I am already planning our costumes for next year. I think we will go the couple route. All I will say, is that it will involve the Dark Knight Returns and lots of vinyl. Oh, and it may take me the entire year to get that shit together.

Somebody get going on the party!!

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November 02, 2004

What do you mean, when I'm thirty??

Yup, I'm another year older. And, after examining my driver's license...the next time I renew it will be on my thirtieth birthday. It seems weird to be that close. (Yeah, yeah, I feel your cyberslap, Alliecat.)

Birthdays are weird for me. They are my yearly measure of accomplishment. Which is somewhat appropriate being close to Samhein and all. I love celebrating birthdays (and am even getting my honey who comes from a non-birthday celebrating people, to understand the importance of birthdays), but they can be bittersweet. Bitter in that what-have-I-done-with-the-last-year-of-my-life sort of way. I had some minor accomplishments. I was in a good friend's wedding (which was lovely, and I'm glad to have been a part of it), I lost twenty pounds, I finally got new headshots, I got a new job (though I don't know how permanent that will be), we added a new cat to the family, and I celebrated three years of marriage. Around me, two friends and a relative announced they were having children (EEK! They are MY age!), my dad had a hip replaced, the in-laws sailed away (well, motored), a good friend went back to Scotland. I made some new friends, reconnected with some old friends, wondered where some friendships went, and continued some great friendships. It's been a year.

So, on the Thursday before, we headed to Ground Zero. It was basically just us, though a friend did show up, I think it had more to do with a certain blonde he met there, and less to do with me. I wore the new leather corset I bought for our anniversary (steel-boned baby!) with a poufy black skirt. I drank a little, danced a lot, and looked forward to Saturday.

Now, I should preface this with the fact that my in-laws moved from a two story plus attic and basement house to a boat, and left G and his bro and I to clear out the house. Now, we agreed...I just don't think any of us had any idea the magnitude of what we were getting into. At least I didn't. If anyone else begs to differ, please tell me. Along with that, we had a large hole in our living room to fix. Add that to G's and my schedule, and that left little party preparation time. Very little.

Come Saturday, I won't sugar coat it, I had a panic attack. Now, I have anxiety attacks pretty regularly. That I am used to. However, I think this bad boy blindsided us. The party was nearly canceled due to me in hysterics. However, G (after calling peeps to cancel) called everyone back, and we had a pretty good turnout, depsite not being as ready as I hoped. There were lots of great costumes, some fabulous pressies, and a great appreciation for the wonderful friendships I am so fortunate to have.

Some highlights:


The hit of the party, our newest addition, Lucifer (aka, the living Halloween decoration)

party people.jpg
The only shot of actual party in progress. I wish we would have gotten photos of everyone's costumes. Pictured are G as Silent Bob (his hetero life mate, Jay couldn't make it) serving cake to Catwoman (who was a different Catwoman than the one who is just out of frame). Roman orgy guy (who came with his Roman orgy wife) chatting it up with the big bad wolf (who came with sexy red riding hood. Ironically there was another red riding hood. Both came with a basket of apples. The red riding hoods are both just out of frame) Then, me chatting with William Blake (aka no name slob who came with Shaun of the Dead, aka nqtyd), and Wednesday Friday Addams. Among the other costumes were W and John Kerry (I appreciated that W was willing to come in on a weekend), a witch with nice purple and black stripey tights, a newly dead guy with gooey wounds, the Phantom of the Opera and some non-costume wearers, who I was just glad to see, and will expect full costumes from next time around.
We stayed up late, and I hope that everyone had a good time, because I sure did. I am looking forward to having another gathering, so that everyone can see our living room all finished. And, I have some big plans for the next year of my life...

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Whoa Nelly

So, I finally got around to Narkcy's makeover. I still have some shite to do, but I am already finding it more comfortable.

Now to the twelve posts I am behind thanks to Comcast crediting the wrong account and temporarily suspending our service. Bah.

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