January 27, 2005

I shall blame it on the moon...

On Tuesday, I decided to give my most favoritest sister in the whole world a jingle. We don't talk often, mostly because she is busy with three kids and a husband, and I am busy with my own shite. So, since I was driving home from having din-din with my sweetie, then was going to head to the gym, I popped my earpiece in and dialed her up. We are chatting, and I mention I received a letter from a friend of mine. I mentioned this to her, because said friend lives down the street from my sis, and I haven't heard from her in a while. The mention of the letter triggers my sister to remember a letter that came to me via my parents house. For those keeping score, I have not lived there for nearly seven years. The letter came while my sister was watching my parents house, as they were on vacation. The letter was addressed to Raven Maiden-name. For those of you still keeping score, I have been married for over three years. So, my sister tells me she has this letter, and I need to guess who it is from. She gives me a hint...it's an ex-boyfriend. I can't think of one who would write me a letter. She continues to hint, until I figure out, it is from my ex-boyfriend from EIGHT YEARS AGO. Again, if you are keeping score, this would be the guy who, in reflection, was kind of a jerk to me while we were together, who freaked out and dumped me while trying to make it see like it was all my fault, who already had a girlfriend at that point, and who then tried to make me be his friend, which meant I wasn't allowed to call him or come to see him, but if he called me or came to see me, I was to jump to it. Oh, and have I mentioned that this happened EIGHT YEARS AGO???
So, my curiousity is piqued, and I have her read the letter to me. She first provides a very vivid description of the letter. First off, he apparently expected someone else to open the letter, and the letter was in another envelope, with a post-it explaining that he would appreciate it if the letter was passed along to me, and an extra stamp. The letter also had a Spongebob Squarepants sticker attached to it, depicting Spongebob biting his lip. The letter was written on the back of a photocopy of a Halloween picture (granted, the letter was sent sometime in October). He addressed that fact that the letter seemed like it was coming out of nowhere, and that he realized it had been EIGHT YEARS. However, his biggest regret is dumping me, especially in such a terrible way. He apologized for treating me so poorly, especially when I was so great. And, despite that time being fuzzy, he remembers our moment of clarity at Mcdonald's. (After thinking about it, I think it was when we were talking about spirituality, and I shared my thoughts on reincarnation...that's the only thing I can think of, anyway). He also mentioned that he saw me about three years ago when I was out with friends on a visit. He regrets not coming over and talking to me then. (which if he would have written to me then, even...that would have made more sense). He doesn't know if I'm "married or whatever" (I think by the whatever, he could think I am a lesbian. He seemed to think that about ex-girlfriends when we were dating). And he included his e-mail if I wanted to write to him. He said that if he is asked what his biggest regret is, that is it. He closed with the recommendation that I see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because it prompted him to write this letter. (for the record, I saw the movie. I didn't write any letters)

So, I was very freaked out for a while. I am calmer now. I figure that there is a reason for this to happen, and the universe is trying to tell me something. I just don't know what. And, what is he looking for from this? I am getting varying advice from peeps. On one hand, it is freaking weird. On the other, at least he realizes that he was a jerk, and is owning up. I just don't know what I am supposed to do with all of this.

Can anyone else shed some light on this??? I am way confused.

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January 19, 2005

I'm thinking about monkeys...

...and now you are, too.

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January 05, 2005

A fifth

Yeah, it’s the fifth. That is about right for my New Years Eve/Day recap. Considering I don’t know what the hell happened to most of 2004, I’m right on target.

We spent New Years with the same people we have since we met. The last four of those our friends, NQTYD and No Name Slob have hosted. They throw quite the shindig, and this year was no exception. All of the people we wanted to see were there, and of course the hosts are, as The Manolo would say, the super fantastic. As usual, I got all gussied up. I typically have a theme. One year, it was funky with fishnets and hot pants and boots. Two years ago was retro, with a seventies glitter thing going on. Last year was glam, sort of forties inspired all black and rhinestoney. This year I went vintage, Holly Golightly-style I wore a vintage 50’s black velvet and taffeta dress with my hair on top of my head. I wore an antique rhinestone broach of my great-grandmothers and earrings that I found at Target that matched eerily well. I felt pretty, which for me, takes a lot of work. I have never been one of those people that roll out of bed looking fantastic. I have to work hard at it. Anyone who has seen me at work knows this. Anyhow, I love a chance to get all gussied up, and to me, New Years is all about the gussying. G went for the black and silver thing, but in more of a modern rocker-boy style.

Now, prior to the evening, I told myself I was going to be well behaved. One glass of champagne for the toast, and home by one. Normally, I would never think to make such outrageous promises, but I had to work at 8-freaking-thirty in the morning. Yeah, that didn’t so much happen. I had two martinis, and a LOT of champagne. I was being polite and refilling my glass, but was instructed by the host that it was perfectly acceptable to just take the bottle. Me, being the ever-so-classy gal that I am, was happy to drink right from the bottle. It also gave me a chance to demonstrate the inappropriate nickname bestowed on me by my good friend Las*. It was possibly immortalized on video. Thank the gods we are already married (which is a story for another day).

We had a wonderful time. Got to have some good (well, they were for me, but when I have been drinking, my perception is skewed) discussions with Equipose. We discussed all manners of religion and politics, and of course, blogging. I fear that I talked too much, and kept him out too late to make his new year dip into Lake Minnetonka. I also heard a strange diatribe on the Psalms and their prophecies from another partygoer. I talked fashion and health with No Name. We discussed the Oscars and a bunch of other stuff. And the sign that we were out too damn late…the cat was let out of his room. Of course, I delight in getting to see the cat. He is too damn cute for his own good. I ate too much taco dip, drooled over some of No Name’s wardrobe, and generally made a drunken, sleepy fool of myself. I managed to make it to bed about 6:45, so I was able to get a pretty solid hour of sleep for my 8-hour shift. What is sad is I was doing better than the crew that came on at 2:30 in the afternoon. But, for me it was well worth it. I had a delightful time. I do apologize for any annoyance or inconvenience I caused anyone. And I do mean it, I will never be offended by anyone telling me to a) shut the hell up, or b) get the hell out.

*Background to the inappropriate nickname. She has had a few for some people, highlights including Mattress-back Michelle and Crazy Crackhead Carrie. I desperately wanted one of my own, so now my inappropriate nickname is Raven-dick-in-mouth. You know how sometimes when speaking, the words get all jumbled, and you pause and say, “let me try that again in English.” No? Just me? Anyway, a friend of G’s did that, only instead he said, “Let me try that again without the dick in my mouth.” Now, again, being so classy and refined, I adopted the saying. So, Las in mentioning me to a friend, the friend was trying to place me. Las says, you know, Raven dick-in-mouth. Hence, the name stuck. I even posed for her camera phone so that when I call a little photo of me simulating said nickname pops up. G’s nickname is “Popular with the Preteens.” This would be because of a shopping excursion to Hot Topic in which I was in the fitting room trying on some things, and he was trying on a coat (over his clothes, thus no need for the fitting room). There was a gaggle of girls, roughly twelve, thirteen, who were all giggling over him and the coat. Hence, his nickname. And of course, since I never give him a hard time, this never comes up. Unfortunately, Las has no inappropriate nickname, which is sad, considering she is the originator of the inappropriate nickname.

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