March 13, 2005

Yeah, yeah...I just haven't had the time or inclination to blog. I have lots to blog about these days, but usually I'd rather crash when I am home. Blah.

Last night was our usual Ground Zero outing. AT first, I was debating if I even wanted to go. You know, the usual blahs. However, once we got there, and I got grooving, it was a blast. Something about a mass of cool people, great music, and lots of dancing...makes me happy. Although, it was weird at one point. This butch chick comes over to me and grabs me, because some guy wanted me to talk to him. He introduces himself. Then tells me I'm hot. I say thanks and walk away. Butch girl grabs me again, to find out what he said. Then, she says he wants my number. Ummm...are we in high school? Is this the big dance? Do I need to give you a note in fifth period tomorrow???? Anyway, I tell her, sorry, but I'm married. She seems shocked*. Why are people so shocked that I'm married? Was I supposed to shrivel up when I said I do? Weird.

Although, the super cool guy that I met on Halloween talked to me. At first, he was like, I'm sure you have a boyfriend by now. Nope, I'm married. Seriously??? Again, what's with the shock. But we decided to exchange numbers to hang out. I only worry that I won't be cool enough once we hang out. Hopefully we'll be friends...he is really way cool. I had a blast with him at Halloween. Of course, i am a little worried that he thinks I'm my friend L. Oh, well.

On the goth front, I was super jazzed about the Goth Prom. I missed it last year, and was sure to go this year. Well, the date got changed, and we'll be returning from CA that night, and won't be able to go. :( Though, I am pretty sure we'll be able to go to the Rubber Ball at GZ. It will be right before I head out to see the fam, but again, I've never been...and I think it will be a blast.

*A little more about that...on Halloween, when G was talking to people, and pointed me out as his wife. The person he was talking to would make some comment to the effect of, "that girl's MARRIED???" Am I that much of a whore? I'd like an outsider's feedback.

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