June 29, 2005

gentlemen prefer blondes

At least I hope they do. Ummm, I mean, at least I hope G does. Because I will be blonde next. Only about ummm, three months before I wanted to be blonde, but hey, what can ya do? Why am I going to be blonde? Because I finally got off my blooming arse and auditioned for something that wasn't cheesy interactive theatre** Of course it is non-paying community theatre, but it is also a great script by a writer I love. So, I will be playing a 22-year-old blonde lady-like type. Stop laughing. I mean it. I had to get weepy during the scene, so I thought of the time I was acting at the zoo, and my brother fell into the gorilla exhibit, and the gorillas were trying to get the blueberries in his pockets... (that was for you, P) I will give you further details once I determine the production values are such that I want to share them. I was planning on going blonde for Halloween and for the Harry Potter film, so it's all good. Besides, if it's all blonde, I can put some seriously crazy color over it later. Mwhahahaha. Although, I am auditioning for other things that blonde may be good for, so I may not mess with it.

So, there's some good news. I figure I should keep the feel-good vibe going, and so I will share some happy things...superficial as they may be.

*On Memorial day, Goodwill had 50% off. I scored a vintage black velvet and duchess satin dress, which would be perfect if I had to visit anyone at Sing Sing, although finding the perfect wide-brimmed black hat, may prove problematic. Did I mention the dress came to a total of $4.49?

*My friend LaLa (who is at least halfway to her new home by now...but I'm sticking to feel-good here) gave me a beautiful vintage cloche hat. Black velvet, with jet beads. Will look great with the black silk chiffon dress I wore for easter, with has a '20s feel to it. It was actually the sample from her family's store. She gave me the hatbox it came in also, along with another hatbox, which need some repair, but will provide a nice home to another of my hats.

*We finished installing the flooring and moulding in our living room (yay!) and built our shelving. I need to move the shelves away from the wall long enough to finish painting the ceiling, and then anchor the shelves to the wall, and load them up....and our living room/dining room will be pretty! Hurrah! Now we just have to start getting estimates on our bathroom remodel, and then central air...and then? And then?

*I had a celebrity sighting yesterday! Andrew Dan-Jumbo was shopping where I work yesterday! I could have touched him if I wanted to...but I thought that might be creepy. (yeah, me worried about being creepy. Go figure.) Yes, he is that hot in person. Yes, his accent is that gorgeous. Yes, I wish he would have come by the store last week so I could have recruited him to help with our little project.

Well, I must be off. I have to finish planting my annuals, and I have to clean our guest room, as it has been the staging area for our little project, and we will have a houseguest using it starting tomorrow. And, I need to figure out how blonde I want to go. Part of me really wants platinum, ala D'Arcy Wretzky. But, I think a honey-blonde ala Gabriel in Constantine would be wiser, plus, It would make more sense for my Halloween costume...and might be less damaging??? What do you think?

**Not that I have anything against cheesy interactive theatre, if that's your thing, its just not my thing. I try not to audition for anything I would not go see. However, if said thing would provide me with enough cash to pay the mortgage and go towards my health insurance, I may be willing to sell out, because I have to have a day job either way, and I might as well have one that sort of uses that theatre degree I spent thousands on. (yes, spent...that shit is entirely paid for. And I wonder why I have zero dollars. And why I am unable to properly construct a sentence.)

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