October 28, 2005

jumping on the bandwagon

10 random things about me:

10) I was a virgin until my wedding night
9) i'm batshit crazy
8) while i love being the center of attention, i'm okay to sitting on the sidelines
7) i would rather not do something than do it half-assed
6) got engaged in Paris
5) am totally deaf in one ear, for reasons that are completely unknown
4) am related to Charlie Chaplin
3) can touch the tip of my nose with my toungue, and can lick my elbow
2) i don't have the heart for musical theatre
1) i'm taller than anyone in my immediate family

9 things i want to do before i die

9) travel to every continent
8) settle my debts...monetary, and personal
7) leave an impression
6) get over all my mental issues
5) have an impact on society
4) make my living doing only things i love to do
3) finish writing my book of poetry, and get it published
2) meet Billy Corgan
1) let all of the crap go

8 ways to win my heart/affection/respect

8) love me
7) respect me
6) be kind to others, especially those that it is difficult to be kind to
5) understand me
4) be yourself
3) be honest
2) do the little things
1) do everything with all you've got

7 things i'm afraid of

7) failing
6) succeeding
5) spiders
4) germs
3) letting others down
2) that i won't get to everything
1) getting lost while driving

6 things i believe in

5) that there is good in every person (sometimes you just have to look a little harder)
4) reincarnation
3) that every single thing happens for a reason, no matter how hard it is to figure out what that reason is, or how long it takes to figure it out
2) honesty
1) good friends, even the peripheral ones, are one of the most important things one can have

5 places i have lived

5) a far-flung suburb of Detroit
4) Bloomington
3) Minneapolis
2) Saint Paul
1) That's all i've got

4 of my favorite items in my bedroom

4) my hot, hot black patent Franco Sarto boots with the strappies up the back
3) my bed
2) my wedding dress
1) G

3 things i do every day

3) check my e-mail
2) try to figure out how i can cram more in to not enough time
1) snuggle with my sweetie

2 things i'm trying not to do now:

2) Give in to temptation
1) hurt people

1 person i want to see right now:

Leanna...I could really go for some Jameson, cloves, and a heartfelt conversation with her right now. Not to mention i am going to miss her terribly at the masquerade ball tomorrow.

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October 18, 2005

by the way...

I am trying to come up with a faulous and festive menu for the partay...what are your fave party foods? I'm stumped!

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the best laid plans...

Didn't I say somewhere that I was not going to be stressed out right before my third golden birthday? What was I thinking? Here it is, my favorite season, my favorite month, and, as usual the shit cloud has been kicked up.


I thought that right now, the condo would be sparkling clean, my health would be excellent, I would be at least halfway done with the Halloween costumes I need to make, and all would be right with the world.

*insert laughter here*

First of all, this damn fire-inspector from hell has thrown things off. The condo association set a clean-up day for Sunday (the 16th). Fine, whatever. Well, G gets a call Friday night that our neighbors (the ones who are freaking out that they will somehow get evicted over this) want to do it Saturday instead. Wow, thanks so much for the heads up. Then, they are all concerned over the placement of the stuff back there, and having nothing in the back room (we only needed to get rid of "combustibles"), yet are totally willing to half-ass replacing the cyclone door. (They totally insisted that they called all over and Menard's was the only place that carried them, and they only had one kind. Bullshit. I've seen them with my own eyes.) So, the bulk of the fire inspection shit is done, but we still need to get rid of 25% of our stuff in general. I have been getting rid of things, I have no idea what 25% of our stuff amounts to, and no matter what I get rid of...it still looks the same to me.

As for the costumes...the woman who was selling candy apple red pvc skirts in plus sizes by the truckload seems to have dissappeared from e-bay. So, there went my big plan for fabric harvesting. The only things I have been able to find in the right color are either way overpriced, or would not yield enough fabric. Of course, pvc isn't common to regular fabric stores, much less in candy apple red, so I will have to figure something out. Luckily, the pink I ordered off the internets is lovely. I just want to roll around on it and bask in its lovliness. Alas, it will (fingers crossed) soon be a Tokyo Mew Mew dress. I found pants I can turn into chaps for my costume, but, I watched the scene in the film where my costume appears last night. It is more elaborate than I though. I will need to hit ye olde fabric shoppe for more stuff. Mainly a crapload of cord for the lacing, and some seam tape for all the weird strappies. I am trying to figure out what I should construct the medical-looking waist cincher out of...I will have to peruse for that. I also need to get a grommet setter. I keep finding excuses not to buy one, but with some of the stuff on my project list, it will be a necessity, so I may as well just get around to buying it now. I will also need to butcher the tank tops I bought a little more than I thought. I remembered all the basics perfectily...the details slipped my mind. Oh, and I realized taht she is wearing two kinds of hospital bracelets in teh film. Crap. I already ordered the kind I thought they all were...sicne they come in lots of 500...I will stick with those. Hopefully no one else at my party or the other costumed events we are going to will be the sticklers for accuracy I am. Because, then I would be screwed.

Also, my back is still really hurting. G called and left a message for our current chiropractor to look at it, but we haven't heard back yet. I am hoping it is easily fixed. I was trying to wait it out, thinking it would get better on its own, but that appears to be a no-go. So, at the insisting of my friends who were lecturing me this weekend, I am trying to get it taken care of. Otherwise, painkillers may be needed to get me through the weekend. Not good.

On the bright side, I have made a considerable dent in the laundry pile. Once I am done, Neither of us will be allowed to dirty anything else. So, we'd better hit the gym as to not freak anyone out when we are strolling about in the buff. If we could toilet train the cats...my two most hated chores would be a thing of the past.

Well, now that I've vented all my frustrations...I shall take a nap. I am wiped, and still have to work a full shift at the main job.

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October 11, 2005

Procrastinate? Who? Me???

So, theoretically, I should be busting my ass, cleaning our condo right now. It is my only real day off (meaning I only had to work at my part-time job, and have a concert tonight, so most of the day is free), so I really should take advantage. Especially considering I am still fighting bronchitis, so I was home from work all weekend, and tried going in yesterday, only to leave after three piddly hours. I feel like since I am actually wearing real clothes, I should take advantage.

But that's no fun.

so, I blog. I keep putting that off, too, since I am so insanely behind. But the blogging is by far more appealing than the cleaning, so there it is.

These last couple of weeks have been okay. They probably would have been better had I not been coughing to the point of injuring myself, but what can ya do? Most of our beering five was able to get together about a week and a half ago for (what else) beering. As usual, it was a lot of fun. I really adore our little clique that formed from the show. Especially since it seems that the people I am closest to, keep moving elsewhere. It's nice to have people to hang with every now and then. It amazes me every so often that we all met doing this show, and yet we still hang. I think it helps that we are all about the same age, and in a really similar place in each of our lives. The one exception being G and I, since we are married. Other than that, we are all twenty-somethings who are putting roofs over our heads, and food on the table, and trying to do this little thing called acting. We are all adults, yet still are able to enjoy our youth. We each have our own dreams that may not be the typical dreams, or the standard ideal, but they belong to us, and we want to make them reality. We can be serious without taking ourselves too seriously. Overall, we just really click. It's very cool.

My parents went home last week. It seems unusually quiet around here. I am putting things back together, and have to admit that while I love having them around, it is easier to clean and go through my stuff without extra stuff around. They took good care of us while out here, which is always appreciated. Unfortunately, my dad developed Pneumonia. Fortunately, my hacking and wheezing was only bronchitis, so I am thankful.

Thanks to all my coughing, I have managed to screw up my back. I am on the lookout for a new chiropractor, but haven't found one yet. So, I went to my friend DarKn's for a massage last week. I felt awesome for several hours, until the coughing managed to tighten things up. I am pretty sure that I actually threw out a disc somewhere in the middle, because it is very pinchy. So, I think that I will need to visit him again once the coughing is all gone, so that maybe the effects will last. Although, he is way too nice to me, and didn't charge me for this last one. I will feel to guilty to go to him if he does that again, though my broke self did appreciate the gesture. Anyhow, he is really good, so if you need a massage therapist, I would highly recommend him. Even though, I kept having Friends flashbacks...like when Rachel goes to the salon for a massage, and Pheobe didn't want her to know she worked there, so she said her name was IKEA, and talked with a Swedish accent. Or the one where Monica finally lets Pheobe masage her, and it turns out that Mon makes sex noises during massages. Yeah, my mind always tends to wander to Friends. I am totally not addicted, though. And I totally know that these are not real people. Totally.

Friday and Saaturday saw me in PJs. Friday I found out I had bronchitis. I got some antibiotics, which I think are helping, though it still hurts insanely when I cough Sunday I made it out to see the beering five, and see G's show. It was really good, and I am very proud of him. He even made it through his 19 minute monologue smoothly, despite someone's car alarm going off very loudly right outside the theatre. If I could have afforded to buy him flowers, I would have. He rawked.

So, hmmm. I really don't have much else. I think that means I should clean. As much as I ramble, and that's all I can come up with. Bah. My procrastination skills need a brush up.

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October 04, 2005


Ugh...my day off, and I can't even properly enjoy it. I've had this cough, whcih gets really bad at night, to the point that I've coughed enough to hurt my back. I've also done something to my shoulder, though I have no idea what. I think it's been long enough that I can take more Day-quil...hopefully that will curb this latest fit.

I can't believe it's already October. So much to do, and not enough time to do it. I need to get cracking on Halloween stuff. I have to make my niece a Tokyo Mew-Mew "Ichigo" costume. I am sure I can do it, but it will be complicated, and I want it to be absolutely kick ass. I've found the pale pink PVC I need, but the candy-apple red is proving more difficult. It looks like I will have to buy an article of clothing in the right fabric and take it apart and use the fabric. Luckily, there isn't much of the outfit that is red, and my niece is tiny. I also need to put together my costume, and get some pieces for Geoff's, so that we are authentic.

We had our fire inspection a couple of days ago. Although not a darn thing is different form our last inspection, we got a new inspector. One who gave us two pages of things that need to be done. Including cutting down weeds. By weeds, he meant my perennial garden. Grrrr.....I want the last of them to go dormant so I can cut them back. I am worried since our upstairs neighbor was freaking out about the report, and I am worried that she will just start messing with our shit. It is also annoying that our condo is the one with the furnaces and such in it, so we are held to a higher standard than the other units. I know our place is a mess, and I've been working on it, and have been trying desperately not to freak out....needless to say, this is not helping me make progress. With being sick, I am even more frustrated, because I feel like I should be plowing through the list, and I can barely move without hurting. Gah.

On a brighter note, I sent out e-vites for my third annual golden birthday bash. I am determined to have the house perfect in two weeks. That gives me a freebie week to relax, so that I don't have a freak out like I did last year. Plus, I want to be able to enjoy all of our cool Halloween decorations. After all, this is my absolute favorite time of year...I would love to actually enjoy it for once! I'm thinking I may update my Amazon wish list, just in case. I am a little bummed that some of my favorite people won't be able to attend, due to moves, and expanding families...but I am determined to have a great time. And, if the house is beautiful for the party, then it will be perfect for the inspection. I have to constantly remind myself that I will get through this just like I get through everything else. Tomorrow comes, no matter what.

Nest Sunday I will be seeing G's show...hurrah! I thought I would have to miss it, since I had a bunch of Sundays off for our show, and thought for sure I would have to work. However, I get the day off, so I can not only see the show, but I get to go with our friends, and hang with them afterward. The following week is NIN, our anniversary, then my friend LaLa is coming into town and we are spending a day together scrapbooking (don't act so surprised), then the bash, then the inspection, then the GZ Masquerade Ball (assuming it isn't directly on Halloween), auditions for a part I want really, really badly--so I am trying not to think about it, then our big trip to California...then sleep.

WEll, I have been upright for too long, and now my back is weeping. I'm off to lie down, and hoepfully my back will recover enough to wash a couple of loads of laundry. Excitement abounds...

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