November 30, 2005

behind the times...

So, just as I go blonde, redeads are the new blonde! Oh, well, too much freaking work to get it this color in the first place to change it back at this point.

click here for the story

Although, apparently my nickname could still be FRP....

...Fire Red Pussy. charming, eh?

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November 29, 2005

awww shucks

You are a Sidhe!! You are the beautiful, the elite,
the cream of the crop. LUXURY is the only word
to describe your tastes. But sometimes, luxury
and nobility by birth are not enough. To
survive, you need to loosen your collar a bit
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Which Changeling Kith Best Fits You?
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November 28, 2005

i'm a creep. i'm a weirdo.

So, I told some peeps I would post htis, because you can talk about it all you want, but you can't really encapsulate the utter weirdness in words.

so, as shamelessly stolen from the seamster, click and watch...if you dare.

Please note: These aren't inappropriate for work, just bizarre. You need sound, and after clicking my link, clink "watch this movie!" in the upper right. Each is a few minutes long, so if you want to watch all six in a row, it will take a bit. And, I recommend watching them in order.

click one

click two

click three

click four

click five

click six

Now how do you feel?

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November 26, 2005

it's here! it's here!!!

I have the bestest husband evar!!!!!!!!!!

So, G asked me several days ago what my wish list from Lip Service was...along with sizing and such. Well, he found my dream dress on Ebay, in my dream color no less. It is the Bride of Frankenstein dress (click for the picture)from Lip Service, which is discontinued. And he found one, tags and all. And got it for half retail. MEEEOWWW! It came today! A load of candy apple red strapaliciousness. I just finished making out with it, and once it gets to room temperature (the poor thing had to sit on the porch all day) I will try it on. According to the Lip Service size chart, the medium should fit me, but everything I own that is made by them is a small. I figure that all the buckles should be able to tighten it up if necessary. I can't wait to wear it. I wanted to wear it to the club tonight, but we are going to a friend's cocktail party maybe next week. I am even thinking that due to it's festive color, maybe my new year's outfit theme for this year will be bondage queen. (which will be a little switch up from last year's Breakfast at Tiffany's theme)

I am so freaking excited, which is a nice change of pace....which I'll get to when the elation of the dress wears off. Maybe it won't. Maybe instead of meds, I should just get kick ass clothing. If only I could get my insurance to cover that..hmmmm...

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November 18, 2005

Harry's a Pothead and the Sorcerer's Stoned?

So, we just got in from the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, at IMAX, nonetheless.

First off, we got there later than intended, and had to sit in the front row. This would have been more okay if my back weren't so screwed up. And, if my next chirpractor appointment were before Tuesday, that would be nice, too. Right now, my neck is killling me. The spot where my rib keeps going out wasn't hurting too badly, then I managed to trip over a tree branch on the sidewalk and started that up too. Bah.

Anyway, we got there late, and the auditorium was pretty packed. I was decked out in my uniform, including my authentic Ravenclaw tie. I brought along my owl puppet, Cassie. She is a female snowy owl, just like Hedwig. I brought her because her head turns around and she likes to give dirty looks to obnoxious people. I thought about bringing Wordsworth, my non-puppet owl, but left him home. I also left my broomstick home, just because I wasn't sure where I would be able to put it during the movie. That, and I wasn't sure if they would let me in with it. Oh, and we did leave late due to me forcing Geoff to take a couple of pictures of me to send to my friend LaLa's phone, since she is on the west coast now. One of these was a naughty picture shwing off my naughty schoolgirl thigh-highs. My point was.....oh yeah, there were a handfull of people in cast-off graduation robes over their normal clothes, a handfull of people were in gryffindor scarves circa the first two films, and another handful were in random HP items. No complete uniforms. No non-student characters. Highly dissapointing. I mean, the midnight showing is supposed to be full of hardcore geeks, is it not? Bah to them. I looked damn cute if I do say so myself. And, since I didn't do any research into this film, I was relieved to see the uniforms were the same as the last. Sicne I spent a fair amount of money on my tie, I was pleased it was still accurate. Not that I'm a stickler for such things.

The movie was pretty good. Like the last one, it skimmed the expostition, and dived right in. It didn't have the pacing of the last, however. There were several points where it could have been edited a bit, and tightened up. One of my big beefs is Hermione. I've said this all along...and it really screwed up a big point in this film...Hermione is supposed to be homely. Big teeth, frizzy hair...puts all her focus into her studies, and not into her looks. Then comes the big dance, and HUGE transformation. She got her hair smoothed, her teeth shrunk. Instead, we have a cute girl. Normal teeth, not perfect, but not big and weird. Her hair is sort of cute and kinky. For the big Yule ball, she looks pretty much the same, with an updo and some glitter. So, when Parvati is all stunned to see Hermione come down the stairs, it seems pretty weird. I'd been wondering how they were going to do this, since Hermione is all cute to begin with, and yup, it was a letdown, just like I thought it would be. The tasks seemed long, and drawn out, but without the suspense the book builds. All in all, the film was okay. This book is still my favorite, but the third film was by far the best of the existing four.

Something weird...for the last few days (since Tuesday), I have been searching for a quote. Remeber when I was talking about drama previously? Well, said drama involves a friend and dishonesty. In my opinion he is choosing the easy path rather than the right one. So, I knew there had to be a quote out there, in fact I felt like I'd heard something that would be perfect for the situation. The closest thing I could come up with was, "What is right is not always popular. What is popular is not always right." Not perfect, but close. Then, there it was, at the end of the film...Dumbledore says to Harry, "Soon we must all face the choice between what is right... and what is easy." There it was, right in Harry Potter. I don't know if he will even notice the quote...but it is currently my favorite quote.

Well, I've basically posted a lot of nonsense, because it's 3:40 in the morning. I am tired, and need to get up in too few hours.

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November 15, 2005

...time is a valuable thing...

I keep meaning to post and catch up, instead I fall farther behind. I have yet to post about the first U2 concert we attended which is coming up on two months past. And in those two months, there has been a Nine Inch Nails concert, an anniversary, a birthday, some drama, Halloween/Samhein, another U2 concert (in LA, no less), and a whole lotta stress.

So, I will get to that eventually. For the time being, I shall pretend it is Sunday, and talk about how amazing Ground Zero was on Saturday night. Now, let’s think about the stress I mentioned. I am not going to rail into that just yet, but let’s just say that Lady Raven here needed to get out and let go. G picked me up from work, and I changed in the car. I planned on changing at work, but I forgot my fishnets, so I needed to wait for G’s arrival with them before getting in my gear. I was amped to wear the new top G had purchased for me. It is a black velvet triangle bra top with fuchsia feathers. I already had in my collection two similar tops, in a shiny fabric, one with black and blue feathers, and one with red and black feathers. I love them both, so this one was a welcome addition*. I have to say I looked pretty cute in it with my pink and black punk skirt and fuchsia eye shadow, and lots of fuchsia glitter. So, right there, the outfit cheered my sorry ass up. Upon entering Ground Zero, I felt even better. The energy was really good Saturday. I don’t know what it was, but it was such a great vibe coming from everyone there. I got my Jameson on the rocks, and all the crap of the last couple of weeks just started to fade away. The DJ was rockin’. Overall, he is good , but he does have off nights, and even on his “on” nights, there are some that are better than others. This night, he was smokin’. It was a great mix of music, and each song flowed nicely into the next. I wasn’t necessarily feeling like my dancing was spot on, but I just lost myself in the music. G even joined me on the dance floor, which was nice. Saturday was the epitome of why I go to GZ, and so often. It just feels like home, more so than any other “Goth” club I’ve been to, which is saying a lot.

The only bad thing? The patio was closed. So, if you wanted to smoke or get some air, you had to go out front, where the wind is free to blow right through you…bah. And silly Raven thought she would just leave her coat in the car. Fortunately G brought the car around at the end of the night so I didn’t freeze my arse off. (wait, maybe that would have been a good thing…) This guy Scott, who I haven’t talked to in forever, chatted with me while I waited. He used to talk with me some at the end of the night, mostly about dancing. Then, one night, he came up and said he would ask me to dance, but he figured my boyfriend wouldn’t like it. I clarified that G was my husband, and hadn’t heard a word from him since. I figured that I scared him away. So, it was nice to chat again. He reminded me of what a great dancer he thinks I am, and another guy piped up to tell me the same. It felt good to hear that, it was what I needed. As I stood, shivering, a girl even offered me her coat. I politely declined, but it was such a nice offer. Just everything about Saturday sort of gave me a fresh perspective, and made me feel more positive. It made me ready to let go of the emotional and stressful crap that I have allowed myself to accumulate over the last few weeks. Normally, I consider my birthday my new year. I use it to reflect on what I have done, and what I hope to accomplish in the next year of my life. This year, I am considering yesterday that beginning. I just wasn’t ready to forge ahead, and needed some extra time before I could push forward. I (/we) have made some important decisions and goals, and I am really looking forward to what this next year has to offer.

Now, I feel like this has been long and rambling enough, so I promise I will come back with all the other updates I previously mentioned. This was the kind of thing I needed to post about before the energy and vibe were totally lost.

*If I haven’t mentioned it, my husband rocks.

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November 08, 2005

i <3 bruce campbell

You're Ash, baby.
Gimme some sugar baby.

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