September 01, 2006


So, G calls me to let me know he is on his way home from job #2, and that he has a stop to make, but that he has a present for me. I clarify to make sure it's a good present. (No need to get over excited, just in case it's a bronze cast of our cat's poo or something.)

I patiently wait for him to come home.

He arrives and has his hands behind his back. He tells me to pick, and I point a finger at each hand. After a few tries of this, he asks me to pick a letter. I pick "m." He holds out the hand holding the closest thing to m....

....Goldfrapp Supernature! It's even the super fancypants edition, with bonus DVD!! It's mainly to listen to on the plane. (He asked if we should make an ipod investment for the trip, but honestly, I am fine with my discman and some choice CDs.) However, it is getting broken in tonight in my alarm clock CD player...I think I will even wake up to some Goldfrapp tomorrow!

Of course, I am greedy, so I made him give over the other hand. It contained Gilmore Girls season five. Hurrah! Now I can get caught up. Then I can watch the existing five DVD-captured seasons over again. (For the record, I totally know that Stars Hollow doesn't really exist, and that Lorelei and Rory aren't real people they are just characters, and I have never tried to go to Stars Hollow. Never.)

Oh, and it was explained that he exchanged the DDR pad he had previously purchased for said pressies. He bought it, and went in search of a game. However, he was able to get a game with two pads on eBay for less than either the game or pad retailed for. The pads aren't as fancypants...but they are just fine. We just DDRed together for about an hour. (which burned 150-175 calories, and worked my calves) It has a workout mode which is pretty sweet, but only one person can do that at a time. Counting this, I've worked out four days in a row. While not great, I've also been eating healthier. I should have a good stockpile of negative calories for all the wine and cheese I'll be having on the trip. (Just let me keep on believing that it works that way)

Oh, my point?

I have the best sweetie ever.

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