October 30, 2006

since i am wearing a cute shirt...

....i offer you a cute squirrel. (although, i am wearing a panda shirt, not a squirrel one)

adorable squirrel.jpg

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October 27, 2006

older, not wiser

So, I spent a whole lot of time creating an elaborate birthday post. It had a recap, links, pictures...it was amazing. I feat of blogging, if you will.

Then, poof. Gone.

I can't recreate that magic, so this will have to do.

The birthday was awesome. I have a whole lot of amazing friends, and a fantastic husband.

And, I am the proud owner of this:
maid dress.jpg
maid dress back.jpg

If you would like to see a few pictures of the big day (including some of me in the dress), check out Goobertech's gallery. He got some great shots.

Thanks everyone, for making this such an awesome birthday.

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October 16, 2006

the last kiss

So, Friday was our anniversary. Yup, I've been Mrs. GSeven for five years. Five years ago, right now, I was in sunny Orlando, FL on a honeymoon.

To celebrate, G picked me up from work for diner and a movie. I wore a black dress that I bought for vacation, and only wore once, and I think I look pretty damn hot in. When I tried it on, even my eleven-year-old nephew told me it looked good and I should buy it. Anyhow, that with a hot necklace and bracelet purchased in France and some make-up, and I looked pretty darn good for our date. On my way out of work at least four people stopped me to ask where I was off to and to tell me how nice I looked. Felt pretty darn good. I even decided that it was a good time to bust out the new brocade purse I'd been saving.

G arrived all spiffed up. He had on an irridescenty blue/purple shirt and a sparkly violet tie and his nice dress coat. (no Columbia jacket...it was indeed a special occasion)

We had a reservation at Maggiano's at Southdale. We started off with calamari, and ordered a bottle of Reisling. While we waited for our food, he gave me an adorable car...it had an orange marmalade kitty on the front, does this guy know me or what??? He had linguine with pesto and chicken and pine nuts, and I had gnocchi (which I'd been craving since my last day in Rome). We finished off with Tiramisu. When I was giving options on cutting the tiramisu, talking with my hands as I am wont to do...
...I knocked over my half-full glass of wine. Right onto my brand-new-still-open-from-digging-out-my-id-for-the-waiter purse. I sopped it up, and laughed. Really, what else could I do? At least it was white wine...and my purse now smells like it's been on a binge.

After our fantabluous dinner, we went to the Southdale AMC to catch The Last Kiss. Now that little trailer seems like it would be a good flick. And we love Zach Braff. Even though I read a bad review of it, I really thought it might still be a good flick. Well, I was wrong. So very wrong. I actually wanted to walk out at least twice. Yes, walk out of a movie I paid to see. I would review it myself, but I just found a review that sums it up so much better than I ever could.

Here it is.

At least I got to nuzz with my sweetie while I watched it. It also made me appreciate him for not being one fo the people in the movie...so I guess there's something.

After that, I was so tired, I fell asleep in the car on the way home.

It was a very nice date...I love you, G.

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a squirrel

Ugh. I know I should have finished posting vacation highlights by now. I also was going t opost a rant, but am worried it would come off as a pity party instead...and I have other stuff to post...but since I am a procrastinator right now....
squirrel at hand.jpg
...a squirrel of the day will have to do until I find me some motivation.

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October 11, 2006

would you like some turkish delight?

So, I decided to take a hiatus after I finished The Glass Menagerie this summer. Between the personal shite, the overzealous research I was doing, along with the character development and rehearsal, then buying a kitchen, then going out of town....it just would have been too much to throw another show in there. However, post vacay was wide open. Unfortunately, just not much in the way of auditions.

I had been debating, however, auditioning for the same community theatre that I did Night of January 16th for last year. It's a community theatre...doesn't get reviewed...has a questionable reputation in terms of quality...however, their holiday show was to be The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Seriously, how often does the chance to be the White Witch come around???

So, I decided to audition, made my intentions clear...it was the White Witch or nothing.

Apparently, the audition went well...for I am now the White Witch. Title character, yo. Plus, G gets to be in the show too, as Father Christmas.

Anyhow, I am not encouraging anyone to see the show just yet, as we haven't started rehearsing yet...and I have no idea if it will be any good. If it is, you will be the first to know, and you can come see bad-ass me.

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October 04, 2006

to quote Four Weddings and a Funeral...

Fuck, Fuck, Fuckitty-fuck....

I think you get the picture. If I would have had more time in the messed-uppedness that was the week before our trip, I would have posted something a lot like that. However, I am just now getting around to it, so that you, my cherished reader can fully appreciate what I enjoyed the week before the trip.

At work, I was told that I would have to switch departments, and would get to head up that department's remodel...even though I would be out-of-town for the bulk of it. This meant coming in at 8 on Sunday, and 6 Monday and Tuesday. That's am, kids. As in I'm usually not out of the coffin yet for fear I will burst into flames. However, I made it in at 8 on Sunday, and tried to take advantage of getting off early, and getting to cross some things off the old to-do list. It turned out to not be a lot off the to-do list, but we got a couple fo things done, including dinner at Chevy's with a cantaloupe margarita (sooo delicious). Then Monday rolls around. I am ready and leaving for work...on time, mind you, just not early. I stumble out to my car, in the still-dark morning, and unlock the door. I open the driver's side door, and am about to toss my purse on the passenger seat, as is my usual routine. Until I realize that the passenger seat is full of broken glass. And my radio is gone. Fuck. I turn around, grumbling (at least this time they actually took the radio, instead of making my car miserable to drive during a snowstorm), and stumble back into the house, where I wake up G (who still has another hour to sleep) to ask him if we can trade cars so I can not be too late for work, and he can do the police crap and maybe have someone come out and fix the window.

Tuesday, I have roughly a billionty things to do. Another ass-crack of dawn morning, followed by getting my hair done (which if my manager could have gotten the scheules out on time, I could have done a week or two earlier, at least), and an audition. I got to my hair appointment a few minutes early, find a prime parking spot, only to find the meter doesn't want to register time for one's quarters. I decide to screw it, and leave my car there, and hope for the best. I get my hair done, hop in the car, and realize I will be cutting it close, but should be okay (and thank the gods for no parking ticket). Except that I get behind two consectutive people who neitherr know where they are going, nor how to drive. Combine that with a shit-ton of road construction, and I quickly realize I am fucked. I call G, since that is the only number I've got, and see if he can find numbers for anyone related to the theater to call and tell them what's going on. Of course there is no number for a human being available, so I figure at least I should show up, even if it is late. I get home a few minutes after I am supposed to be at the theater, and do the world's fastest clothes change and resume grab in the history of the world. I squeal into the theatre at the exact time my audition is supposed to start, just narrowly keeping my anxiety from creeping into hyperventilation. Fortunately, all I missed was the director's intro. I wasn't expecting to get cast, and basically was doing the audition as practice, and to be seen. Being late clinched the not getting cast, I'm sure, but fuck-it. I'd busted my ass to get there, I may as well give it my all. Which, I think I had a pretty decent reading, especially considering the other people in my group. So, I left, pausing to chat, and in the car on the way home, I was able to finally get enough air into my lungs.

Wednesday was just a usual day of double heading one job into the other...the only real clincher was that I discovered the shoes I bought mainly for the trip killed my feet. I mean, they hurt worse than any of the spike heels I own. So, throw another item on the to-do list, return shoes from hell, and get slightly less stylish but infinitely more comfortable second-choice shoes. The kicker came when I woke up with G on Thursday...earlier than I needed to be up for work. However, it was lucky I woke up when I did, because my throat hurt like a mutha. I could barely squeak out talking, and it hurt to swallow. My ears hurt and were crackling every time I moved my jaw. There was no way I could work, and since I got up extra early, I was up in enough time to call in. Fuck, because I didn't think I had any sick time to use right then, and I was pushing the envelope on my vacay....not to mention that I'm sure they thought I was lying so I could have an extra day to get ready. But, there it was, not much I could do about it. So, I popped a bunch of Ibuprofen to try and dull the pain, and spent nearly the whole day in bed. So much for going to work, and getting my errands done after. I did get the devil shoes exchanged, though, thanks to G driving me. And I had a yummy slightly late dinner with G, Toni and her guy, so we could get the carger cord for the Game Boy they were loaning us. It hurt to talk, but it was nice to see them before we left.

Friday was pretty mundane...but I will tell you that flying with any sort of ENT thing SUCKS. I never have ear trouble when flying, and my right ear, especially was seriously painful, not to mention that I was having a hard time popping my ears because I couldn't really swallow or blow very well. That came out all wrong, but there it is. Anyhow, G did get non-gelcap Ibuprofen to make the flight at least tolerable, and I did manage to sleep...but it still sucked. By the time we got to the hotel on Saturday, I just wanted to lay down. G went to the pharmacie and got me some French drugs. i'm not entirely sure what was in them, but I chugged the cough syrup, choked down the pills, took some more ibuprofen, and told Geoff to call an ambulance if it seemed like I was ODing. I made it through the night, only moderately dissappointed with myself for wasting a perfectly good day in Europe.

So there it is, my post-trip recap of my pre-trip countdown.

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October 02, 2006

because i don't wanna do laundry....

Well kids, I'm back on the mainland. I intended to blog while I was away, but my internet time was a bit more limited than I intended. That, and half of it was on a French keyboard. Not condusive to blogging.

Anyway....here are some highlights, before I get down to the details over the next week or so. If I weren't so darn lazy, I would bullet this...but you shall have to settle for bolding.

Best bang for our buck (something we had to pay to see) The Louvre. Eight Euros a person, to see some serious art. I did see the Mona Lisa, since I was there and all. Just as unimpressive as I expected. My favorite was teh French sculpture...some really amazing stuff. I am sad that I could not find the French impressionists. I really, really wanted to see them. But, search as we may, we could not seem to find them. The place is isanely huge.

Favorite place in Rome The Cat Sanctuary. It was free. It is a site of ancient ruins, that were excavated early in the last century. They date to a couple of centuries BC. The animal shelter spays/neuters them, vaccinates them, and lets them live in the ruins. They have adoption hours each day, when you can go down into the ruins and selct a kitty to bring home. Seriously freaking cool. We visited it twice.

Weirdest Tourist Attraction The Crypts of the Capuchin Monks in Rome. There is nothing I could say that would properly prepare you for what you would see. Remember gluing various pasta onto cigar boxes or tissue boxes to make a lovely gift for Mother's day? Now imagine that you were doing that in a room, with bones. Human bones. There were even light fixtures made out of bones. Throw in a few mummified monks, and a painting of Jesus, and there you go. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. They were real human bones. Real ones. Everywhere. Really.

Cutest non-feline thing I saw (and favorite thing I saw on the French metro) On our way back to our hotel to get a taxi to the airport, a girl gets on the metro. She has a Beige and white rat sitting on her shoulder, which she is nuzzling with her nose and whispering in its ear. As the metro starts up, he crawls down her arm, and mestles himself in where her arms are folded. When she got off, he nestled himself at the back of her neck in her scarf. Seriously sweet, and cute. I sort of wanted my own rat to ride the metro with.

Cutest Feline thing Flat-faced orange and whtie kitty in Bram. Seriously, it hurt a little. That's how cute the kitty was. It was a little ridiculous. I could barely form words. If he wouldn't have been with his four brothers/sisters on a roof top terrace, I would have catnapped him and brought him home.

Best travel guides in a foreign land Click and NNS. They showed us things we would not have tracked down otherwise. They gave us tips for getting around and buying/ordering things in Rome, intoduced us to Gelato (which I am seriously craving some Limoncello gelato right now). They gave us a place to crash and made us feel right at home. Seroiusly, we owe them. Not to mention they are just a blast to hang out with. Forgive me for being cheesy for a moment, but we are blessed to have such amazing people as friends.

Travel tip of the day We learn the hard way so you don't have to. If you are traveling by train, and are in a car other than your own when the train stops, get back to your own car as quickly as possible. Make sure you are sitting in your own seat with your travel companions before the train starts moving. Otherwise you may find that the train runs out of cars before you get to yours, and you are on your way to an entirely different city than your traveling companion, and the car you were in. Your traveling companion won't know where you could have gone because while you were stopped, they hooked your car up to a new train. You may be set back in your travel by a day. Seriously.

Lackluster airline of the year Northwest Airlines. I realize that part of this is my fault for traveling via an airline that has two unions striking, and Karma was reminding me of this. But, seriously. I am grateful that I made it over the ocean and back relatively unscathed.

Most daring travel feat for a pasty white girl Topless sunbathing on the Mediterranean. Yup. I did it. I can say I was subathing topless on the French Riviera. Two coats of SPF 55 Sunblock, and I survived it. I even got ogled by at least one old man. I also swam in the mediterranean. It was very salty. I did wear my top for that, because the water was chill and I wanted an extra layer on my girl parts.

Well, I am running out of steam at the moment, so I will have to return with more later. We will also get our pictures uploaded for viewing.

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