April 26, 2007

to tide you over...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I haven't been here in a while. I know. I already feel guilty so you can save the trip for someone else.

I've been just a tidge busy lately. Trying to get the stinking kitchen done. Having family out to visit and stay with us for a week. Opening a show. Doing big training at work. Packing on pounds. Somewhere in there trying to make time for having fun. You get the picture.

I will try to get into more detail about each of these lovely (yet stressful) events later. For now, I shall give you highlights.

The show: We opened to a sold out house (yeah!) and sold out on our second Saturday as well (not bad for a small theater company). Lots of friends and loved ones have come to see it, which despite my lack of confidence, has made me very happy and loved. However, I am a little afraid by the fact that many of them seem to like the soccer mom hair. EEEEEK!

The kitchen: Not done yet. Seem to hit bumps in the road at every turn. We are in the home stretch, though, and that makes me feel good. We are able to actually eat at home some, and not rely on fast food/eating out so much. I am loving the new sink. it is big and pretty and white, and has a hose! the cabinets are so much better. We have two to install, but there are some floor things to take care of first. Son, though, soon. I can't wait to have my house back! Clean and shiny and pretty. It will be nice not to be embarrassed to have people inside. Of course, that means the ghetto bathroom project looms....

The family: Great to see them, felt terrible that i was unprepared. Oh well. I did get to see them and do some fun things with them, which was nice.

The training: going swimmingly. I am still trying to figure out how to deal with the people in my department, but hopefully I can coax them into trying some new things. We shall see.

The pounds: Started South Beach Phase 1 on sunday. Unfortunately I was thwarted slightly by the place we decided to hang out not having much that was both vegetarian and low-carb. I settled for some spinach-Artichoke dip with whole grain bread. Otherwise, I have been eating well, even bringing food to work to avoid the temptation of things like mashed potatoes and fries and potato salad in the staff cafe. Also, I did DDR for 25 minutes on Monday (I wanted to do more, but I woke up late), walked four miles yesterday, and today did my Cardio dance DVD , 100 crunches and 2 sets of 15 reps on my triceps and biceps. I was going to do some squats, but i forgot how many lunges and squats the video had, so it felt redundant. I will get back in fighting form, dammit! i must be super toned so i actually look like the Stephanie Brown Robin for Halloween!!! (and I need to be somewhat toned for convergence in July).

the fun: It's being had. After weeks of begging, Creamer and I finally got the DJ at GZ to play some Smashing Pumpkins...it was delightful. We hope it happens regularly now. The Saturday that just passed was full of friends and love. My friend Hennifer saw the show on Saturday, and we had some good food and amazing people watching at the Town Talk Diner. Then G and I met up with Creamer and one of his friends to see Mulholland Dr. Great film. We'd never seen it. I knew we'd meant to, though. I realized it was released in 2001...we had some things going on that year. Sunday was food and karaoke with Creamer...delightful, except the DJ irked us. More on that later.

Tomorrow finds me doing more work training, Dining out for life with Creamer and G, and seeing a play with Creamer. i also need to work out first thing in the morning, otherwise I won't get it in...and I need to get in the habit!! Next week, I am going to scout out a gym and see if it is worthwhile. I will keep you posted!

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