May 30, 2007

you're looking at my gut, aren't you? well, i'm working on it!!!

Well, it's not so much my gut, as my large ass and flabby arms. With no kitchen, and the kitchen living in the living/dining room, this caused some serious problems in my well being. Outside of the mess driving me CRAZY, there was no room in our house to work out, and no place to prepare food. So, much dining out was done, fast food was consumed, and no exercising was had. As a restul, my ass has spread. Well, my whole body has flabbed out. Yuck. I was feeling down anyway, and let me tell you, flabbing out does not help ones depression.

Well, the kitchen is now in the homestretch. We are making food at home, so no more fries or pizza. I actually still need to actually diet some to lose the weight I need to, but at least I am not gaining any more.

Mid-may, we joined a gym. It's a basic gym, but it has all my needs, ellipticals, weights, and weight machines. It has some other stuff, too, but I don't concern myself with those things. I don't have a problem doing cardio, in general. However, strength training of any kind bores me. Well, except for crunches. But, I digress. Somehow, going to a gym, and having a circuit, and a routine make me enjoy my strength training. I work muscles I would ordinarily ignore. So, this is a good thing. We got a special that gives us the summer free. This rocks for me, because heat and I do not mix. I get sick and wilty, and it sucks. Being in air conditioning helps this immensely.

So, we are shooting for every other day. I do some cardio to warm up, my strength circuit, more cardio (right now, it's at 50 minutes total between the two, but I'm going to start upping that), stretching, and crunches. We want to start adding other activities on our off days, like running and rollerblading to mix things up. But, we are getting there.

Sunday, I was bold, and stepped on the scale.
It said:
147.5 # (I tried not to cry because this is what I started at, pre working out)
30% body fat (I did not cry, because that is lower, and theoretically I've lost about two pounds of fat)

So, there I am. Methinks I will take a page out of The Seamster's blog, and start posting about my fitness regularly. I figure having my embarrassing body stats out there for everyone to see will help keep me motivated, and get me back to where I was not so very long ago.

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May 09, 2007

betcha forgot...

....about the daily squirrel!!!!!

So, a few days ago, i go into the office/guest room, and the cat is on the window ledge freaking out. i hear weird squeaking, and glass banging and screen scratching. I freak out thinking I must have somehow trapped something in the window when closing it some, and start calling for G (in case it was some giant creature with a millionty legs).

g comes a running, and checks out the scene. It was a wee squirrel in our window well. Apparenly our semi-outdoor cat, Ziggie, chased it there, and due to the squirrel's wee-ness, it couldn't get back out. so, we brought the cat inside, and I had G put a scrap piece of wood in the window well to act as a squirrel ramp.

Apparently this little fella like to hang out on our porch now. when we came back from the comic book shop this morning, I heard squeaking and scraping behind our recycling box (it's a big bench-style storage bin). I say to G, "I really hope that's a squirrel." he told me it was the wee squirrel, and told me to check his Flickr, where I found this:

tiny squirrel.jpg

Taken with G's camerphone. The squirrel was totally chillin'. This is highly unusual in these parts...we live in a "city" but the squirrels in these parts are not city squirrels. They are totally timid, so this little fella is an anomaly. I fear he may have lost his mum, hence hanging out here.

G is being mean, and won't let me housebreak him, despite his inherent adorableness.

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May 08, 2007

my sitcom life is now complete....

...i now have that friend who just walks right into your home.

Oh crap. Now I need witty banter, and a fully stocked cereal cupboard.

Must get to work.

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