June 26, 2007

twin peaks

So, I saw a neato quiz online, and I took it, and was not surprised with the results. However, I thought it would be an interesting experiment for you, my dear blog reader, to take the quiz, as though you were me, and post the results in the comments. So, click the link, answer either what you think I would answer, or how you perceive me (don't base it on your knowledge of the show!) and paste the results here.





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June 16, 2007

since i'm heading to the gym...

Garumph. Today has not gone at all as planned. So, instead of going to GZ, I am going to work out. Since I am going to work out, I thought I would mention how that is all going. To my delight, I weighed in at 142 on Wednesday. Yay! That means I am down 5.5 pounds. I can get into more of my clothes, and people are noticing that I am losing weight and toning up again, which I like. Sadly, I only made it to the gym twice last week...boo. Though, it hasn't been quite normal around here with my boy gone and getting used to my work schedule. I really want to hit my every other day full gym work out stride. Then I want to get where I am doing some sort of activity on my other days like rollerblading or walking and eventually running...and if we can ever get new bikes, biking. Though that may be a harder sell on G now, since he doesn't like the way bikers look. He says they are too skinny. I say anything that tones my legs is good. We shall see.

I am happy that I am getting stronger again. I like that I am getting tone back in my arms and back, though it is happening slower than I would like (damn this aging thing!). My arms still seem weak to me. I am staying at the same weights on all my exercises, as I am not at my ideal number of reps yet, though I am working up. I have gone up quite a bit on all my other stuff though.

Eating tanked a little this week....I treated my Goth Prom (more on that another time) date to dinner, and decided to splurge a bit and split a bottle of wine with him, and had some pasta (spinach noodles..yum!). On the bright side, I can usually chow through the pasta at this place, and I wound up with some take away. Thursday was our work picnic, and I had a couple of treats there...finally yesterday Creamer came over and we decided to get KFC. So bad for me, but so tasty. So, I cheated a couple of times and feel like I went a bit overboard, but I am not going to beat myself up too much. I just need to keep eating the good stuff overall, and really focus on working out. Getting my heart in shape and my muscles strong will help me burn all those pesky calories.

All right, enough of the rambling...off to the gym!!

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June 08, 2007

questioning my travel plans...

So, if you saw Hostel, and liked it, and are pondering whether the second flick could possibly be worth seeing....

....it is.

In an unrelated to the film note, people mystify me. All of them.

That is all.

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I never thought I would say that!! However, it is the end of my first week at my new DAY JOB. I still work for the same place, but instead of a completely random schedule, I work M-F 7-3:30. My night owl system still isn't wanting to wind down at the time I should be in bed, but otherwise, it is going well. I get to be creative now, and don't have to deal with the customers so much. I think having a set schedule will be good for me. I usually sleep until the last minute no matter when I work, this makes for a more productive day. Plus, I get weekends OFF. And when I am in shows, I no longer have to turn in elaborate availability requests. Yes, it is a sweet deal. However, as my system is not acclimated, I am glad to be done for the week. Of course, I need to get extra sleep this weekend, so as to enjoy Goth Prom to the fullest.

In health news...
So far, so good. While my eating was better, I was at a maintenance level, not at a loss one. Since I am trying to tone up, I realized I need to improve my eating habits to see the results I want. I decided to go back on the South Beach diet. It worked when I need to get rid of those Paxil pounds, is a healthy, sustainable way of eating, and requires little additional work on my part (other than actually preparing food). Basically, in this first two weeks, I do need to be stricter, but it really does work to get me to not crave junk food. I can't drink any alcohol, and have to say no to breads and pastas...but I am getting some good lean protein, which I normally neglect, and which my body needs to build muscle during my strength workouts. It also forces me to eat more veggies, and I'm eating breakfast and small snacks to keep my metabolism going all day.

It is a little difficult at work when we have a manager who brings goodies every day (doughnuts, brownies, cupcakes, cake, candy...) and when we had our monthly birthday celebration on Wednesday in which cake was served, and when I had to turn down more cake Thursday and Friday for a woman's birthday who is in my department. However, it is worth it to be healthy and fit. Not to mention not having to suffer the resulting carb coma.

I am doing pretty well on my workouts. I need to focus on my abs more, and work more of my arm muscles. I am spending about two hours a shot at the gym (two 30 minute sets of cardio--which I rotate, strength training, and stretching). I have been able to fairly consistently up all my workouts. I can do harder cardio than when I started, and I can do more weight on many machines. My arms are slowly getting stronger. This one is hard, because in my youth, I could add definition to my arms with very little effort. Now, it takes time and effort. Stupid aging. However, I was able to squeeze out more reps on my arm stuff...and I think I am finally able to see a bit of tricep develop!! I am hoping that additional muscle will help burn the layer of fat that is hiding my progress.

I noticed that my work pants are looser. This is good, because I went up a size from when I started. I couldn't wear my old pants at all, and the new ones were getting too tight. Now they fit a little loosely. One day I should be back in my old work pants!

I weighed myself on wednesday (when I planned to post this) and came in at 144.5#. That is down 3 pounds from the first time I got brave enough to step on a scale post-recent weight gain.

So far, so good!

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