November 14, 2007

for public record

First, go to Then, admire how lovely Dita Von Teese is. Maybe wait until you are home to do so, unless your place of employment tends to be lax on scantily clad ladies or you have your own office or relatively private cubicle.

Then, feel free to buy me anything that catches your eye, except for crotchless panties. Those are weird to me and I would never wear them.

Seriously, I want pretty much everything they've got right now, and I'm not shy. At all. Not even about accepting lingerie from strangers, acquaintances, relatives, well, anyone.

You could consider it a public service to supply a nice girl with pretty things.

There, I've said it.

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November 11, 2007

how does this happen???!??

So, I just spent a large chunk of my evening sorting the Everest of laundry that has built up in our second bathroom. I sorted it in the hallway, since if I keep the piles at the outer edges, we can still walk down the center if we walk very carefully. If I were able to do each sorted pile as one load, not including the handwash stuff that I left in the hamper, I have seventeen loads right now. There are at least two piles that will need to be done as two, maybe three loads. Also, a load each in the washer and dryer.

Keep in mind that there are only two of us, not including the fur children.

Now, there are only two loads that I would need to do, tops, over the next week for us to not be naked in some way.

My only conclusion is that we just plain have too much stuff.

What I don't understand is how I keep dropping off massive loads at Goodwill (Garbage bags and shipping boxes), yet, our place still seems jam packed. Does our stuff mate? Do little laundry babies pop up at the bottom of the pile while we are sleeping? I just don't understand how this happened. Especially since if one were to open any drawer of my dresser, it would not seem overly sparse. Craziness, I tell you, craziness.

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November 05, 2007

...and breathe.

Eeps. So, I was totally going to do the version of NaNoWriMo that I did last year, and write in my blog every day in November, until I realized that amongst the gajillion things I have been trying to get done over the last two weeks, it is well into the first week of November. So, here I start, five days late, with a recap of why I have been so gosh darned elusive.

So, let's start off with the big birthday. Ten days ago, I turned the big Two-Five. Yes, you read that correctly. Shup.

So, of course, my annual golden birthday bash had to be thrown, and this year it was held in conjunction with my dear friend Creamer's non-golden twenty-fifth. In order to throw said party, we had to get our kitchen squared away, and get the bulk of the hizouse clean in order to have guests. Pretty much all free moments leading up to the party on the 26th was spent working on house stuff. We got the kitchen finished (outside of some baseboard moulding), and it is pretty sweet. Now, if I can keep up on the dishes, we'll be good to go. Lucifer has been pretty pissed as that closed access to one of his ceiling entry points, but them's the brakes. Cats don't belong in ceilings, yo.

We were also able to get he house presentable. Seeing the state the place was in about an hour into the party, I am not sure why I was so concerned. I am still finding sticky spots on the floor after roughly twenty moppings over the last week. Anyhow, it was overall a fun time. Once again I managed to consume no solid food over the course of the night, meaning I missed out on yummy Cabernet soaked cheddar cheese, my awesome grim reaper birthday cake, and Creamer's ice cream cake. Boo. I did however, have lots of yummy mojito, cosmo, and wine.

My friends are generally pretty awesome. I made off with some mad loot. Zusy got me a raven bank, complete with a Euro in its tummy. Hennifer got me a RED moleskine planner for 2008 (which I LOVE), a bag of Gin-gins (which has mysteriously gone missing...anybody?), some fancy chrysanthemum tea, a bottle of Cranberry wine, and a Mr. Mustard card (which is ridiculously cool). Benq and Everlastingwhy hooked my up with a fortune cookie 8-ball that answers questions with things like, "you don't won ton know," a "bling" ice cube tray, and wine glass stem flags that proclaim things like, "WOOZY." (I wonder which is my fave??) G got me the new Tori cd, which I didn't have yet, so I could listen up before I see her LIVE from the FRONT ROW. The pair of us received an adorable card from Mrs. Self Destruct with a long haired chihuahua on the front. A couple of friends from work made what would have been a sucktacular day at work pleasant by surprising me with treats in the form of a cookie monster and a Frankenstein's monster cake. Then, they came to my party and presented me with a bouquet of purpley black roses and a squirrel creamer. I have a bunch of pretty cool people in my life.

That being said, I don't know that I want to have that huge of a party again. Our house and patio were crammed solid at one point, which is fine. What was not fine was that lots of people didn't respect our boundaries. Generally, we can have a closed door or two, and our friends leave well enough alone. Some people I didn't know very well (being a joint party, and all) didn't have that sort of respect. Our office became, um, well, the make-out spot (to put it politely). I wouldn't have minded quite so much if a)we were all in high school and b) if it wasn't where I had all my projects, and all of our stuff we have (well, had) sorted to go sell on e-bay and Craig's list. However, since I am a skosh older than 16, and I have spent the last ten days sorting through what became a pile in the middle of the floor, I am annoyed. I was annoyed when one of the cast members of the show I'm costuming (more on that later) pulled trash (such as fun-sized candy wrappers) out of his jacket pocket at dress rehearsal. I am sitll annoyed that my glasses are missing, when I left them with stuff I was sewing.

Serenity now. Lesson learned. I now know where my limits are. Spilled drinks on a mop able surface okay.
Tossing my stuff around, not okay.

The day after the party, I was supposed to go look in on rehearsal and go to a scrapbook crop with my dear LaLa. However, I had a bitchin' tension headache. I thought it was hangover, but it most definitely was not. As a result, I lounged all day Saturday, and we went to the club late that night, and left early. I still was headachey on Sunday, and most of Monday. Stupid headache.

Anyhow, I survived the B-day, and another year of lord-knows-what.

LAst week was spent getting my ducks-in-a-row for the show I've been working on. It was a little tense at some moments, making sure everyone had everything, and some miscommunication with my assistant at the zero hour, but we made it through. Everyone has ideal or nearly ideal costumes. I was nervous working on seven people (it's been a while since I've had to do a large show), as I figured I would have seven egos to deal with. However, everyone was really easy. I didn't get any of the sass I usually get. (The last of which nearly made me swear of costuming entirely.) I thought everyone looked pretty darn good if I do say so myself. The show opened to a pretty happy group on Saturday. Now, I just need to total up my receipts, return the few things that wound up being not needed, settle up the budget, and wait for the show to close, and divvy up what's mine and what's the theater's. I like costuming, but I think the next time I do it, maybe it should be when I have less on my plate.

Otherwise, it's my day job. I like it...but, it's been stressful. Like today when I get a call from one of my departments asking a question that I have answered multiple times already. In fact, I even put it on the department's log so that everyone could read it. Yet, they keep asking the same question. This is really the least annoying part. I just finished redoing a department, to be told to redo half of it again, because they want to move some things. (nevermind how hard it was to get the stuff installed the first time). This is in between finishing up a remodel, and planning another remodel. And I am not to change any due dates. Despite the fact that my partners aren't doing squat. Grrr. At least I am pretty sure it has been noted that the all talk people have been noted, and the fact that we are getting a reward for the first project on our department's docket getting completed.

I think that's about it. I should probably take advantage of my "free time" and do some laundry and try and pick up more of our office. I am also hoping the hubby calls soon and we eat din-din. I should be back tomorrow!

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