January 21, 2008

what time is it?

Yeesh. I feel like I've been up all night, and I look at the clock and see it is not even ten! I am not sure if it is the cold, or whatever mystery illness I have, or whatever bug I had, that seems to want to just barely hang on, or what...but man have I been wiped. It makes me feel a lot older than 25, I tell ya.

So, I was going to do this lovely end-of-the-year blog back on the first, however being barfy and sick kind of put the kibosh on that. For the record, I was not hungover. I had about half a glass of champagne total on NYE, knowing I had to be at work by 7am. Apparently the gods were telling me life is short, and I'm probably going to feel like ass anyway, so I may as well party it up.

Anyhoo, I figured, what the hay? I'm supposed to be cleaning for a houseguest, so what better time to do a nearly month late blog???

2007 was an interesting year in these parts.

In January, my job nearly unbearable due to poor management, and crappy attitudes of surrounding co-workers, I decided to try a career change. The universe, fortunately, was wise, and nixed that plan. In retrospect, I would've been unhappy kissing the booties of wealthy people who somehow think they can be rude to people in service positions, and who like to act helpless just because they are able to. The job description was fabulous, my boss would have been lovely, however, the clientele would not have been my cup of tea. Ah, the fates can be trusted, despite my whining every now and then. I kept on plugging away at the 'ole job, maintaining a semblance of optimism that the ideals of the company would prevail. There is still a lot of work to be done in that regard, however things are looking up. In June I got a promotion via a position in a new department. Better pay, better hours, and some really wonderful friendships have gone a long way in making me able to stick around. There have also been some shifts in management that give me hope. Also, in the early part of the year, I decided I was through with working my part-time job, so after 8 years, I called it quits at ye olde coffee shoppe. This gave me opportunity to pursue the position I have now.

The G-funk-daddy had some job changes, as well. After his company shut its doors due to a merger, he made his part-time job his full time job at the end of 2006. This meant a chunk of 2007 was spent with him working overnights. It was a big bummer as we barely got to see each other, and rarely got to go out. However, his job was outsourced, and he found greener pastures in a timely fashion. Whilst not perfect, his job is pretty nice. He's made some cool friends and has better hours. Around August, he decided he just couldn't go without working two jobs any longer. So, he started his evening career of hosting karaoke shows three times a week. Not too shabby for someone who only started participating at karaoke night a scant two years ago. You would never know that now, he is quite the pro, and has developed a loyal following. I am pretty proud of him!

Family life was interesting. (Isn't it always?) My mother finished her breast cancer treatment, and was well enough for my folks, sister, niece, and nephews to come out for Easter. It wasn't as idyllic as I thought it would be, as our kitchen remodel was not yet finished. Silly me forgot all the surprises that our house has to offer, so things were behind. However, it was lovely to see the fam. I was thankful that they came out, because later in the year, my mom broke her hip, and that prevented another visit out this way. She healed well, and is back to her old self. The sis and kids came out again in July for CONvergence. A great time was had, as usual, despite the usual family disputes that pop up every now and then. The in laws are still in Florida. We went down for a visit over Thanksgiving. I apparently am not made for hot climes...I was too hot. In November. However, it was delightful to see that side of 0f the family. Especially since we spent a lot of time at Disney World. G's 'rents and the two of us spent a few days acting silly in mouseland. It was tough to head back to reality after that!! Whilst down there, we made the most of things, cramming in a Christmas celebration too. It was fun, particularly since Christmas is usually the two of us and the cats these days.

In other family news, we lost one of our furry family members in June. Our dear Wishbone was put to sleep. While he had issues for a long time that made him old beyond his years, he hung in there like any other stubborn old man. However, he let us know he was done. We took him to the vet hoping for a miracle, but there were none to be had. We had to put our desires to have our kittie forever aside, and ease his pain. Yet another thing the universe made abundantly clear. It was super hard, and I still miss him like crazy. OUr other three furchildren keep us on our toes, and frankly we think the world would be a better place if everyone had a kittie in their life. It's pretty hard to be in a bad mood when one of them curls up on the sofa with you and starts purring.

Love was in the air like crazy last year. Two of my cousins (siblings, nonetheless) were married, one in May, one in July. Some dear friends of ours from the theatre world became engaged. One set was already married in a beautiful ceremony in August, and the other will be married in just a few months. Also engaged was G's little brother!! He tied the knot in August, so my mother-in-law now has two redheaded daughter-in-laws (at least, when this daughter-in-law lets her hair stay natural, or at least mostly natural). I think that covered all the weddings.

Of course, along with love and marriage comes the baby carriage! We are feeling outnumbered as more of our peers are reproducing. G's dear friend K-Dog and his wife welcomed a son early last year. Later in the year, my oldest friend (meaning the friend I've known since birth, she has not been alive more years than all of my friends) had another bouncing baby boy. Shortly after, my cousin (not one of the ones that was married this year) welcomed her third child in three years! She and her husband have their hands full!

In October, we finally knocked out another home improvement project...the kitchen! It was usable, but we finished the ceiling, and trim and such. There are a few tweaks we need to do, but it is pretty awesome. We were thrilled to say goodbye to the ghetto kitchen. Sometimes I'm afraid to use it, because I want it to stay brand-new and shiny forever! But, that would defeat the purpose of having a brand-new, awesome kitchen.

We managed to actually hit some concerts this year, as well. It made us feel a little less old and lame. She Wants REvenge at First Avenue was freaking awesome. The band was delightful, and the venue AMAZING. If I had my way, I would see all concerts there. It rocks. I also got to see the SMASHING PUMPKINS. They were pretty amazing, even though I am not entirely sold on Ginger Reyes as the new bass player. Billy Corgan is phenomenal, even if he insists on wearing white knickers. No one, and I mean no one, can pull off white knickers. While the concert was awesome, it sadly reminded me of how poorly people behave these days. Seriously, were these people raised by rabid raccoons in caves? Yikes. G hooked me up with front row tix to Tori Amos, also. That was pretty cool. I think I want to be her when I grow up. OR Tilda Swinton. Whichever.

In the spring, I played a soccer mom on stage in a show I also costumed. It had been a while since I took on that role, and it was fun. I later costumed a musical (!) for the same company. I did some auditioning, and got some callbacks, but as usual, the universe told me I needed to chill, and I just did the couple of shows.

The Smashing Pumpkins show was also a marker for me. The day after I woke up, the right side of my body in incredible pain. I crawled to the phone and called in to work, and spent most of the day horizontal. After the pain subsided, I was numb. Eventually the numbness receded, holding only to my right arm and hand, then just to the hand. Then my left hand went numb. After two weeks of numb hands, I went to the doctor. After a bunch of tests, and two more doctors, I still don't know what's wrong. The numbness comes and goes, usually just in my hands, sometimes my whole arms. It's a pain in the ass, as it makes doing work or getting chores done difficult, since it makes it hard for my hands to do what they are supposed to do. I need to go in for follow up this month, so we will see. I am mostly mad, because I was unable to work out for the last three months of the year, and now my ass is all flabby and gross. However, I have said screw it, and am going back to the gym anyway, and figure I will somehow use this to my advantage!!

I think that covers the bulk of it, outside of the two of us turning another year older, and staying married another year.

I plan for 2008 to be awesome. I am back at the gym, and I am watching what I eat in hopes that my stomach won't get any worse this year (I am running out of food to cut out!!) and that I will go back to being the buff hottie wife. I am brushing and flossing like a fiend, and taking vitamins, too! I've been cast in my first show of the year. I've got some auditions looming. I hope to continue to build the fantastic friendships started in '07. I am looking forward to catching up with everything I've been pushing aside, and staying on top of things again.

I think that's everything. Happy belated new year, everyone!!

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