May 25, 2008

wii love fitness!

So, two days later than we planned, we got our pre-ordered Wii fit on our porch. It is pretty sweet, but not nearly as mean as I'd hoped. I wanted it to yell at me to get in shape, and belittle me by telling me I was fat, and stand on me while I did 400 squats. There was none of that. It told me my BMI was only slightly above ideal, that my Wii fit age is three years younger one year older, and that I apparently have great posture and nearly perfect balance. Baa! If I am so great, how come my butt is all flabby and you can barely see any of my muscles? Huh? Tell me that Wii fit!!!

Anyhow, I actually really enjoyed it, and took a break from weeding, pruning, and raking to spend 25 minutes on it, and set a goal to lose four pounds over the next two weeks. I felt better considering I was actually gaining the last couple of weeks. I also maybe feel better since I have been detoxing for the last week, and have a mere two weeks to go. I haven't posted recaps due to some inability to gym and due to being depressed over scale numbers (they were not good).

So, now to my boring recap:
Starting weight: 144.5
Weight as of 5/24: 145.5
Total loss: +1
Percentage: +.68%
Monday: 1 hour strength, 30 minutes cardio
Tuesday: nada
Wednesday: nada (normal gym day, but nixed due to coworker outing)
Thursday: nada
Friday: 1 hour strength, 40 minutes cardio
Saturday: 25 minutes Wii fit, 5 hours yard work (weeding, pruning, raking)

I think getting all the junk out of my system will really help me eat clean in the future, which will hopefully help me get buff and hot!

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May 14, 2008

adorable and strange, all in one day

So, Proptart and I were on our way into work today, when we came upon a pair of squirrels chillin' in the middle of the street. At least, we thought it was a pair of squirrels. One of the pair turned out to be a mama squirrel carrying her babe by the scruff! I couldn't blame her for needing a rest, but the middle of the street was not the best for mom or babe. Squirrels are adorable anyway, add wee to the equation, and it doesn't get much cuter!

Later in the day, at work, Ms. HJM and I were working, and a gentleman and his lady were in. They were being helped by a salesperson, and seemed rather chatty. The man was wearing a goldenrod tank top. One of those man-tanks that has overly large arm holes and a racerback. As he was gesturing, I thought I saw a fat roll protruding out of the opening under his arm. I realized that he had much less fat on the other side. Then, as he gestured, I noticed the shape of the "fat roll." Then, the nipple in the center. I realized the man had a third breast under his arm. It was confirmed by Ms. HJM, and the image was scarred into our brains. If I had a babe with a third nipple, I would have that shit removed asap. If I had a third nipple that had not been removed, I would gladly give up my career in fortunetelling, and have it cut off....much less let it develop into an entire boob! We thought such a thing was an urban legend...I guess not.

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May 08, 2008

separation anxiety

So, last Saturday, before heading off to a Bachelorette party (for the Beauty half of Beauty and the Meat), I was actually able to do a couple of errands! I finally dropped off my Dansko's to be repaired so I can actually wear them, along with my favorite pair of shoes to have the heel fixed (not to be confused with my favorite pair of boots, which also need servicing, but I couldn't bear to part with both at the same time). Hopefully having my Dansko's back will make my back less hurty after work.

I also dropped my trusty Singer off for servicing. I was given the price for the workover, and told that the problems I've been having with the tension are probably due to a loose or missing spring, no big deal. However, the potential issue comes into play with the issues I've had with it wanting feed through fabric. The woman at the shop said it was probably the feed dogs, and if so, not a huge deal. However, if it isn't, then it is probably a gear. If it is a gear, the number of dollars to repair goes up considerably. She said if that's the case, I should just buy a new machine. I think the look in my eyes must have registered with her, for she quickly added, "unless you are particularly attached to this one." To which I replied that I am very attached! Eeps. I think I have decided that I would rather put the money into this machine, rather than get a new one. I just don't think they make them like her anymore. I hope my talk of getting a serger didn't hurt her feelings...the serger would never replace the Singer!! I am lamenting that I haven't been able to work on any projects, including two gifts....I am trying to patiently await the call about my machine.

In other news, the bachelorette party was fun. People watching in the Iron Range is super fun. I also learned that if I drink under the assumption that no alcohol was brought to take back to the house, I should not consume any alcohol that was dug out of a cousin's cupboard and shows up at the house. Wow. I was a drunk girl, and hopefully didn't offend anyone.

I will resume my fitness report on Saturday. With the excitement of shoe repair and sewing machines, I didn't get to it. In the meantime, I will be purchasing my plants for the summer in the morning and hanging out with a dear friend I don't get to see enough. I think both are things worth taking a Friday off of work for!!

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