May 26, 2010

checking it twice

So, I managed to cross off not ONE, but TWO items on my list! In one night, no less!

Thanks to Heather, I finally checked out Donnie Dirk's Zombie Den! She recently made a little film called Zombie Sweater. Due to conflicts, I missed the first screening. However, this worked out slightly to my advantage as I was able to make this screening, and I got to go to the Den! It was great to see the flick there. Apres Heather's film directorial debut, Planet Terror started rolling. Having not seen that flick in a while, it was nice to be reminded of how delightful I find it. There was a nice crowd there for the screening, I think it worked out nicely for both sides.

I was immediately please by the cocktail menu. All their signature drinks were right on theme, and made of delicious ingredients. It took a moment to decide where to start! I began with a Dark and Stormy, to rate their quality of ginger beer. This got a hearty thumbs up. Nice bite from the ginger beer, and excellent dark rum. I then tried their version of the Corpse Reviver. They hooked my with the final ingredient: Absinthe. This drink was icy cold, and so very smooth. This was one to be careful with! I could see a number of these going down the hatch very easily. I did call it quits there, despite wanting to try a number of other potentially tasty beverages. The only disadvantage that Dirk's has, is it lacks a kitchen. The solution is a bat phone at the back, where patrons can place orders from the nearby Psycho Suzi's Motor lounge. We debated taking advantage of the batphone, but instead decided to just make our way over to Suzi's and see the digs in person. We bid farewell to our hostess, and braved the drizzle to get some Tiki action.

We did discover a couple of advantages to getting our meal in person. First, we saved the delivery charge. Second, we were able to take advantage of happy hour! I had to try one of their famous Tiki cocktails. It took a while to decide on one. I am not a big fan of sweet, fruity drinks. I finally decided on the South Seas grog. It was fine, but not something I could see myself drinking often, if ever. It took me the whole meal and then some (with G's help) to get through the drink. I think for signature cocktails, Dirk's wins, hands down. However, I found the food pretty darn tasty. I had a grilled veggie sandwich with melted goat cheese and a side of tots. G had a happy hour pizza with chicken, garlic, and BBQ sauce. I tried a chicken-free nibble, and found it was pretty tasty. We also succumbed to a basket of cheese curds. All in all, it was nummy, but should we venture back, I think I will stick with one of my old standbys instead of the tiki drink menu. I think a bonus there is that I won't have to wait until I finish the drink to get our check. The tiki inspired serving pieces are cute, but not so much my thing that I want to stuff on in my purse and take off.

So, two Minneapolis hot spots in one night. It's almost like we're cool or something!

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May 15, 2010

one down, one hundred to go

I finally crossed something off the old 101 things list! I've been feeling a bit silly, since I haven't been able to cross off anything. However, I did purposefully make the list things that would challenge me in some way. I could have easily done things like, "Do a load of laundry" or "Take out the trash." I wanted a reason to do all the things I put off, or finish the things that I start and leave hanging.

Today, I finished my first porch project. I wanted to get all the pavers redone, which we did about a week ago. Before we put things back on the porch, I also wanted to paint the ceiling. The ceiling is bead board, and was painted a very dark brown. Livable, but very dark. Also, not a color I would have ever chosen. G and I picked some paint last weekend (Spring Breeze by Valspar). I got it prepped easily enough, and got the first coat on. I quickly learned that while bead board is adorable, it is not fun to paint. On top of that it was chilly. So, that first coat took a while to dry. Then, the rains came. I thought about removing the porch from the list and adding "build ark" instead. Finally, it was dry long enough to get the second coat on. I had to patch a couple of weird spots where there had apparently been a couple of tiny knots next to seams, but I did it! We replaced our storage chest and glider rocker today, and I hosed down the welcome mat. As soon as that's dry, that will go back in front of the door. I even scrubbed the front door, and took apart the storm window and screen to fully clean the kitchen window!

So, I got to cross that first thing off of the list. Of course, now that the ceiling looks so nice, I feel like I want to add some crown moulding to finish it off. I am also antsy to get to the screening in point on my list now, just to make the porch extra cute.

On the bright side, I did start dividing and moving my perennials. It's been so chilly, I was holding off. Today it was kind enough to get into the 70s, so I moved my bleeding heart, and divided and moved half of the hostas I wanted to move. They should have been divided out a long time ago, poor guys. Now they should be extra happy. I gave them more breathing room, and put them in a better spot. I am going to give some away, since I have so many, even after moving them. Of course, I still have to do the same to my four kinds of lilies, perennial geranium and chives. I am hoping that by the end of the week, I can cross a second item off the list!

By the time I am done with the list, my house may even be halfway presentable!

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May 11, 2010

covering all the bases

Just gotta toot my own horn for a minute. I am now the Saint Paul Budget Fashion Examiner for My first article went live today, and I am shooting to publish three a week. My planned articles include how-tos, tutorials, inside looks at local shops, and more!

Check out my first article here:

Feel free to comment, contact me, and please subscribe to get updates on all my fashion writing adventures!

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May 04, 2010

101 things

So, after trying to come up with one of these lists several times over the last few years, I finally did it. I am looking forward to crossing things off of the list, and maybe put a stop to procrastinating some things. I will surely be blogging about some of these things (#33!) in the future. Here I go!

For more info on creating your own list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, check out

1.Run a marathon
2.Perform in a burlesque show
3.Get to my goal weight (and stay there!)
4.Gut and remodel our main bathroom
5.Give our second bathroom a facelift
6.Fill in the pass-through window in our kitchen, put in a fan, and change archway at end to new pass-through, use removed tile to repair cracked tile.
7.Finish porch redo.
8.Put in walkway between patio and garage.
9.Clean out the garage.
10.Read all the books on our bookshelf I haven't read.
11.Watch all the movies on our DVD shelves I haven't watched.
12.Get my main WoW character up to the top level (finally!)
13.Put moulding in hallway and entry way.
14.Patch and touch up entry way paint.
15.Sell all the crap we don't need on Craigslist or Ebay.
16.Make all the things I have patterns and matching fabric for.
17.Take care of my alteration and repair pile.
18.Take care of my project box.
19.Go to England and Wales with G.
20.Live in LA.
21.Draft and build a corset.
22.Enter Masquerade at CONvergence.
23.Get my wedding gown taken care of...finally.
24.Get my Mystery tattoo. (Mystery is the name of the black cat I am getting tatted, not that the tat is a mystery)
25.Get my running tattoo after completing my marathon.
26.Get my Raven tattoo.
27.Take a ballet class.
28.Take a tap class.
29.Take ballroom dancing.
30.Finish framing and hanging prints for the hallway.
31.Get G's dragon triptych framed.
32.Do NaNoWriMo and complete it.
33.Write in my blog at least once a week for a year.
34.Write in my secondary blog at least once a week for a year.
35.Do my top secret project!
36.Try out for the Roller Girls.
37.Go to the Lizzie Borden house.
38.Volunteer at the WRCMN.
39.Take a pattern drafting class.
40.Take a metalworking class.
41.Get somewhere on the genealogy of my paternal grandmother's family. (at least two more generations)
42.Go to Ghent, Belgium
43.Put at least six months of income in my savings account.
44.Visit the MIA
45.Shoot a gun at a shooting range.
46.Divide and move my perennials.
47.Enter an event at the MN State Fair.
48.Get at least $1K in donations for the ADA walk.
49.Find the perfect armchair for the living room.
50.Spring clean every nook of the house.
51.Use the Solo Vino GC we got as a wedding gift.
52.Use up all soaps, lotions, etc. before buying more (including hotel bottles)
53.Shop at Farmer's market at least once a month during the summer months.
54.Create and follow a household budget.
55.Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
56.Learn how to ice skate.
57.Make our wedding album.
58.See all Oscar Best Picture winners from my lifetime.
59.Go to the NAIAS preview black-tie gala with my sister.
60.Make a pair of jeans.
61.Learn curling.
62.Spend a day wearing a realistic mustache in public.
63.Taxidermy a squirrel (that died of natural causes)
64.Contribute to the Roth consistently for one year.
65.Redesign and update etherea page.
66.Make an inspiration board for the office, and mini versions for my work locker and cupboard.
67.Host a summer get-together.
68.Make all gifts for one year.
69.Get eight hours of sleep each night for a full week.
70.Weed out CD collection.
71.Screen in front porch.
72.Find out my blood type.
73.Start a compost pile.
74.Get in the 12+ club at the gym.
75.Visit my dear friend LaLa in Spokane.
76.Tour the Glensheen Mansion.
77.Pay off all non-mortgage debt.
78.Purchase prescription sunglasses.
79.Go out dancing 12 times in a year (not including special events).
80.Build a men's suit.
81.Try snowboarding.
82.Get another series of teeth whitening from my dentist.
83.Paint a painting.
84.Have a custom pair of raw denim jeans made for me.
85.Go see Mount Rushmore.
86.Go to Wall Drug.
87.Get a professional facial.
88.Get a past life regression done.
89.Purchase a Liberty of London dress.
90.Eat at Chino Latino.
91.Do an in-line marathon.
92.Get wedding ring re-appraised for insurance.
93.Learn millinery (specifically, how to block hats).
94.Learn and practice meditation.
95.Get a martini at Bradstreet Crafthouse.
96.Go to Dirk's Zombie Den.
97.Go to Psycho Suzi's.
98.Attend Glamorama.
99.Buy something from the art vending machine at Chambers.
100.Go to the Spam museum.
101.Put $10 in my savings account for each item completed. At the end, donate $10 to charity for each uncompleted item.

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