March 19, 2012

doctor schmoo

Ugh. Just gonna get it out of my system. I cannot understand the fuss over Matt Smith. I won't say he's the worst actor, but he's certainly the laziest that is earning his income purely from his "acting" today. It makes my blood boil, knowing that there are talented actors out there who put their blood, sweat, and tears into their craft, honing their skills, and making ORIGINAL choices to create compelling characters with DEPTH, who are scraping by or working other jobs just so they can do the one thing they love. Knowing that actors in the role before him and (hopefully, soon) after him will do what those other actors do. Breaking of set pieces and copying what others have done isn't acting. It's phoning it in to get a paycheck.
There are a handful of things that make my blood boil, and lazy artists are one of them. Maybe because I'm in the arts, it saddens me that people can be taken so easily by pure laziness.

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March 13, 2012


I am not outdoorsy. Some of you know that, the rest are shocked, I'm sure. Whether or not I had a place to do it, I wouldn't grill. I will happily eat food others grill for me, but I am not firing up the ol' BBQ anytime soon. I do, however, have a Foreman. A decent sized one. I could cook up FOUR meaty hamburgers if I wanted to. Which I don't. I do like it for grilling fish (the only meat I can eat, though I feel guilty as hell about it) because I am lazy and not crazy about cooking. All that is to say that I had a flash of genius tonight. My fish was cooking, and I started to prep my veggies and I realized I could GRILL them. You know, like people who GRILL do. So, I am counting this as my first BBQ of the season.

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