February 05, 2013

1001 days

They have come and gone. When they say time flies, they aren't kidding. Though I didn't make it very far through the list, I learned a lot. I am going to go through the list this week (20 a day, with 21 on Friday). Give a wee rundown of what worked, what didn't, and I will ponder whether I will do it again.

Before I dive in, a couple of notes. First, I wrote the list when we lived in the condo. I changed all of the items that were left on the list for the condo when we moved. I mean, it's tough to remodel a bathroom when you no longer own the house. If you want a refresher on the whole list, check it out here.

So, here's the first twenty!
1 Go to Donnie Dirk's Zombie den. & 2 Go to Psycho Suzy's Done! I actually ticked these off in the same night. They are owned by the same people, but have totally different atmospheres. I'd heard a lot of good things about Suzy's, and a zombie themed bar just seemed too perfect! From when I wrote this, to now, Suzy's has moved. I've been to both locations, and while the old one was better it's just not my scene. Too scenestery, too pretentious. They like a very specific type of clientele. Clientele with ink of a certain style, with certain placement, dressed in a certain type of hipster garb. I don't want to "fit in." Especially when the fitting in involves a bunch of pseudo rebellion against the norm just to do so. All of that would bug me less, if the food were top notch. It's fine...just not amazing. It doesn't have to be, since the place is packed on weekends like you wouldn't believe. The service is also less than desirable. I thought it was just me, but then I found out they tell their servers they are allowed to be rude. Not in an amusing way, just to be rude. DD's on the other hand, is super fun. Small, cozy, super rad decor that walks a fine line between Vegas casino

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February 03, 2013

squirrely sunday: mind the cake

So, since I know someone who was married this weekend, why not a wedding theme squirrel? I know that I have been quiet during the week, but I am working out my feature days and getting some things lined up. It will be totally worth it, I promise!
So, for now, enjoy this little guy. I think he is enjoying himself! Have a wonderful squirrely week!
squirrel eating wedding cake.jpg

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